Thursday, June 11, 2009


By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama, B.Sc Forestry,BAHRM

It is vitally important that we view the current maneuvering by the Clinton camp in context. When they begin to suggest what they are saying about Senator Obama deputizing her, it might be a sign of either of two things. That is, a show of yielding to what every Senator Obama supporter already knows by now (That we are winning the Nomination), its sad a lot more others may realize this only a wee bit late or its meant to psyche-out the American electorate who thank goodness are not so gullible as can be seen from the many winnings we have enjoyed and we are going to enjoy in the coming races for us to cement the nomination. Lets not get off the boil we need and must work even harder. We lost Texas, Ohio lets pick ourselves up and rise again. Its not bad to pick a leaf from Senator Hillary’s few Positives like her ability to crawl from near oblivion, make no mistake this only happens with sheer hard work which we have been doing and should continue doing in the Obama Camp.

Did she actually meet up with the military heads? Wow! What impudence! I have always maintained that the lowly will be exalted and occupy their lofty rightful place whereas the proud will stumble. I guess in the end, the time it takes for most voters to join The Obama Camp and ditch the Clinton camp can even be used as a measure of the American people’s perceptive Strength and intellectual acumen. Kindly help me out here did her Team actually say they felt presumptive republican nominee John McCain would make a better President? I hope the Democratic Party officials and all the undecided super delegates got wind of this and are taking notice of how far she is willing to go even if it means her hurting the party’s chances of scooping the Whitehouse. As for their utterances suggesting the Senator Obama should lower his sights and settle for the Vice-Presidency, there is nothing more insulting to the MAJORITY of intelligent Americans than that and it was just as well his response has been very resolute. However, we should realize that there is a saying in certain parts of the world that when a Jackal howls, more often than not means it could be leaning onto something for support. To put this in a more captivating perspective, consider that when a blind person insults you just know he could be stepping on a stone to strike you with. The logic of all this is that they could be deriving credence for these utterances from something boiling underfoot. The fact is , there is a possibility of something akin to the republican embarrassment in Florida that saw Bush occupy White House. They are trying to soften the people up, remember all the forces that we are up against and the mindsets that have persisted for millennia all these are potential areas they are tapping into to get the nomination. The fear I have in my heart of hearts is that the majority of us can never vote for Senator Clinton no matter what manipulation is being planned because we know what or who is right for the White House even if contradicts our misguided mindsets of old. I appeal to the good sense of the American people to simply, Do- The- Right -Thing that your children will remember for a long time to come.
Here is a geology lesson for all keen students of earth formation, ‘OBAMANITE’ is a stone/Rock that America should rally around and which will support them to change the course of this nations future which I regret to say will would have been bleaker with another Clinton at the helm. It’s that simple really one need not have a PhD in Political Science and International Relations to know this.

Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Barotseland, Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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