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By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama, B.Sc Forestry,BAHRM

I regret to confess that I have hurtfully lost my struggle against self-imposed indifference in light of one of the most gruesome displays of utter brutality of one people against another. The other open declaration am not embarrassed to admit to is that perhaps for the very first time in my life I have been disgusted by the world and the Palestinian’s assertion that Israel should be endeavouring to respond proportionately to the rockets that are fired into its southern parts. This i find utterly annoying and ridiculously stupid on the part of who ever makes this proposition. What, so the Israelis should be counting how many rockets are fired and survey the exact spots they land on, ascertain the population composition so us to reciprocate accordingly? War is War; if you play a certain musical tune be geared to dance, as there is no solo tango! Do not behave in a belligerent way if you are not ready to face the result of your actions or the response of your enemy, pure and simple. If you belong to the taxonomic class called insecta on the scale of military might and you foolishly choose to irritatingly buzz around the head of a giant and sting it, when it in turn responds accordingly by crushing you with its measured weight under its foot, you would have no one to blame but yourself. The only wise lesson you ought to pick from this incident is sadly that for your next meal you may have to sink your proboscis into the pithy flesh of a succulent angiosperm instead!

It will be interesting to note that during my radical ideological re-positioning, I experienced a strange spiritual high akin to what one gets when they attend a Pentecostal or Baptist church retreat amidst the clutter and after all the spiritual repartee! It felt like i was doing the correct thing by supporting what the world deems God’s chosen race and a very special people in their struggle for existence as they find themselves in a sea of sworn enemies and a world that hates them. These are very dangerous teachings in Christendom, which have caused a horde of hypnotised believers to think that it is an unforgivable sin to disagree and criticise what the Jewish Zionist nation does against any other people no matter how atrocious because they are always right and their actions have foretold divine approval. The so-called operative golden rule that was decreed to the sons of Israel being, “ I will bless those that bless you and i will curse those that curse you” so the world supports Israel purely out of fear of what would happen to them if they held a contradicting view to that of God’s special people. What these teachings have done is to effectively turn them into semi-gods and as a consequence,they act with impunity. Like a perpetual motion machine the misinformation has and will continue to spin a web of lies that will result in bloodshed perpetrated by the Zionist State and sadly the world will always helplessly watch on. Therefore, to claim my fair share of the celestial blessing, I proudly reasoned that they should go on to finally and totally annihilate the Gazans and all Palestine once and for all with their famed biblical, God conferred invincibility in battle! I just did not want to stand another shocking embarrassment like the one they suffered at the hands of ‘the Party of God’ or Hez’bollah in Lebanon.

One of the most baffling features of Israeli warfare is when you see the IDF and Reservists alike at the battle front briefly hiding away under a shrub or perched atop an armoured vehicle heads draped in that characteristic cloth, clutching a prayer book, rocking back and forth in a deadly hypnotic synchronicity as they hum away deadly inaudibles. One wonders just which god they pray to who grants them what they consider ‘victory’ and takes delight and rejoices in the bloodshed they leave in their wake. Moloch! Moloch! Moloch! The sight of the many corpses of women and children they murder in cold-blood just makes me turn away in revulsion. My only message to all those Palestinians that have perished at the hands of Israeli debauchery and those still living is that, “Mufa Na Saye Ni Muteeba, Ta Lioke Ni Mufa Na Mbuyuyu Mu Ka Nwa.’’ – Barotse Proverb) The translation of which is “Blessed Are Those Who Die For Their Possession, For They Are Like Goose That Dies With Grain Stuck Inside Its Gullet.”
In similar manner i have always wondered who it is that is addressed by radical Islamic jihadists when they recite that all too familiar incantation of ‘allah Uakbar’ before and after they rake havoc against their perceived enemies.

Well, yes, for this brief moment of abstraction, I very much wanted the world to treat the JEWS with kid gloves and religiously commemorate the 'Holocaust' with synchronised global fervour as their blood it seemed is more dear and special than that of the Rwandan genocide victims, the people of Darfur, The Cambodians who died under the Khmir Rouge,the millions of (Negrescent)black people who died on the high seas at the hands of ruthless slave traders during the trans Atlantic Slave trade, which people were systematically exterminated as the world mutely watched. Yes, i experienced the closest to what i can only term spiritual LSD-like effects which threatened to permanently blur my moral and ethical bearing in my journey through life. But then, now i know better!

The historical victory of President Barak Obama in the American elections has taught me that the world in general has by and large grown to levels of unprecedented ideological and moral maturity in all areas of their endeavours. The citizens of the world are increasingly asserting themselves to make a point in more radical ways if they must. The reality of this war is a constant reminder of a fact that stares us into our faces every day and which many rather naively choose to ignore. The fact that, to paraphrase the words of the former Malaysian premiere Mahathir Bin Muhammad, “ISRAEL Rules the world by Proxy!” This for those that have trouble understanding world politics is one of the very basic truths that one ought not to struggle with. To quote The Right Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan of The Nation Of Islam," The Jewish lobby has grabbed the US government by its testicles, if you are male, then you will appreciate what this means!" And by extension, has the United Nations Security Council wrapped around its finger. As long as these entities remain in their current state and form the status quo as regards open bias towards Israel I am afraid will remain the same regardless of who wins the US presidential elections. This for the uninitiated is the reason any resolution against Israeli evil actions against any nation will always be vetoed by America. It has been a historical fact that its successive government Administrations have been littered with Americans of Jewish ancestry. President Obama is sworn in as president and in his inaugural speech speaks of Iraq, Afghanistan but no mention of Gaza? How curious! Out of my immense respect for the man I will not say much at this moment because I now know he was not really elected but selected! At this point, the safest assumption to make is maybe he never saw the pictures of butchered Palestinian children, women and innocent men and youths. Any way, it is to be expected from a man whose victory was Jewish engineered . But, where is his morality? The possible appointment of a special envoy to the middle east of an individual of Lebanese ancestry does little to soothe my disappointments so far. Out of fear of appearing weak and incapable of defending America, he even adopts a ‘harsh’ war-like tone of defeating America’s enemies. How so Bush like, at that very moment I felt like puking! It was interesting to note that it was only at this moment that he inspired some bloodthirsty folks to a standing ovation. The primary principle of Peace is if you are just and fair in your dealings with peoples and countries of the world, you will have nothing to fear. You will attract good will , cooperation and adoration.
It was only the other week when we saw Secretary of State Hilary Clinton saying they will not engage with HAMAS on any peace talks until they agreed to some preconditions. This is a dangerous shift from President Obama’s campaign message. This goes further to show why some of us were uncomfortable with her on the ticket. Her speeches should be cleared before she lands the world into problems and she needs to be debriefed on which way America is now going. She should be cautioned and advised to desist from using lines from her prepared manifesto because she lost the nomination, have a reality check done on her, no hallucinations of megalomania there is a new kid on the block. The President’s stance has been that the only way to make meaningful progress in any conflict areas is by sitting down with the parties. To this effect we should see contact with Hamas, The Cuban Administration (whose blockade and sanctions I prophecy will end during the Obama administration) Iran, North Korea,Venezuela,Bolivia etc) . Hamas and Iran need to be made to appreciate that the same way they exist as sovereign countries, Israel must and should exist also provided they do not take over other people’s(Palestinian) land and they should treat their neighbours with respect and respect they will get back. How can you do this if not by meeting them and engaging in talks? Forever labelling them terrorist organisations and regimes respectively will not help resolve the situation in the Middle East.

The world is ready, i think ,to completely discard the United Nations for an alternative organisation that is more just, the Arab League should effectively disband and form a different organisation which knows the core tenets for its founding. Did the UN really have to wait for 1,155 people to be slaughtered for it to call for a ceasefire? Moloch! Moloch! Moloch! i say. The laughable impotence of Arab nations and other Islamic nations or The religion of Islam in general in the face of this conflict is yet again another indisputable indication that talk and religious zealotry is indeed extremely cheap!

Let the nations of the peaceful world therefore leave America, Israel and western Europe with their double standards and the toothless, biased United Nations and form a common organisation of new countries with shared views on right and wrong, mutually beneficial economic cooperation with productive trade ties because clearly the world’s countries do not seem to agree with the West and have benefited little from its associations with them. This has made the rest of the world be at the mercy of these countries that are identicals of imperialism and have made colonial terrorism law and order.

Our collective radical consciences should spur us to a unified conclusion where we all reject and ditch the capitalistic economic model which emphasises profit at all costs, having it all and having it now, rewarding individual prosperity above that of the next person or instead of the collective good, as it has for all intent and purposes miserably failed the modern world as can be seen from the number of countries simultaneously slipping into involuntary recession at the hands of greedy corporate executive officers. The alternative to which can only be socialism or communism. To this effect i propose nations like Russia, China, India, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Libya and all the resource rich developing countries to leave the UN and come up with a new body with a collective fund to serve as an alternative to the World Bank and IMF and spearhead this drive towards a new and fairer world within an unjust world that has redefined what civility entails and one that uses demon(cracy) as a vehicle of domination.
To illustrate what point am belabouring to make, you must realise that If George W Bush for his many actions during the course of his presidency, Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak or Livni (or whoever it is that claims to be in-charge of that country) are not brought before the ICC (International Criminal Court) for war crimes, this entity should effectively, on a matter of universal morality be dissolved never to be reconstituted. I would further declare that it should never again be allowed to try any individual for heinous crimes against humanity, as its legality and credibility will be quashed. It even has the nerve to summon President Al’bashir of Sudan; do they really think us stupid or what?

As impractical as these proposals may seem at first sight to the timid, they will catch the attention of The Jesuits and The Rothschilds. The danger they pose to their grand design of global domination is so real that initially I truly felt threatened for penning them. I wonder how many people know about their clandestine activities using their many fronts dotted around the globe. The only comfort i had was, once i pressed the ‘SEND’ button on the key board it would not matter what would happen because my point of view would have been scrutinized by millions for its merits and nonsensical nature.

I could go on ad nauseum only am a wee bit fed up with this same old conflict that pits brother against brother. I was almost embracing a pacificist life style but what I have seen in Gaza has worked to radicalise me further and in this I trust am NOT alone. Right now out of sheer ignorance I wondered whether it is possible for a black person like me to be enlisted by the nearest Neo-Nazi organisation recruitment centre to where I am. We are on our way towards organising mass protests at the local universities here that have hitherto proven to be quite docile in the face of Zionist tyranny in the Middle East which is anchored partly on racial segregation on the basis of skin colour, Apartheid style. This is why FALASHA Jews are discriminated against in Israeli society. The Jews under Nazi Germany suffered because of their race and they as a consequence exported racism and hate their Ishmaelite brothers and those that do not share their skin hue. We are going to awaken these students to the war crimes being committed in Gaza. By the way, on second thoughts I think I will gladly retain my mobile phone ring tone that is, Adolf Hitler’s speech at Nuremberg! It has now driven me to reiterate my long held strong belief that, “To attain a certain degree of congruence with The Fuhrer philosophy is the ultimate goal of any well meaning Neo-Nazi protagonist.” - Namakando Nalikando Sinyama. Yet another classic example to prove that for the right moral reasons and motivation human beings can become anything at any time.

To save the world from organised insidious tyranny, it may be necessary to embrace the concept that, “Dem Fuhrer Eintegergen Arbeitten” as it was reasoned was the right historical way to go because these actions by Zionists are what fuels the passion of Neo-Nazis and attracts hatred towards innocent Jews around the world even those who do not share Zionist ideals and they make moderates rethink their passive support for Israel.

In case the world did not know, a lot of us Africans have Jewish blood but we do not sing about it or go about claiming special status and looking down on those that are not Jewish. This fact is one I used to get from my Rastafarian elder brother but I foolishly, like the rest of the world do, continued to dispel his very wise counsel and insight into the role and contribution of the African black people in God’s plan of things. We know that to be or not to be Jewish is no reason to feel super human or second class, we are all equal although some religious writings would have you believe otherwise. I strongly recommend the book “Beyond The Rivers Of Ethiopia: A Biblical Revelation Of God’s Purpose For The Black Race.” by Dr.Mensa Otabil as very good read on this subject matter. An example is when during our usually heated debates, my brother constantly hammered away at the fact that all human races came from ‘ I en I’ (Black People in Africa) or as he would say in Jamaican patois, “Out of I and I cometh all Nations, because I and I was there way from creation. Have you ever seen a Black rose in a white Garden?” These truths are forever immortalised in pulsating reggae lyrics for all those that care to lend an ear. This fact is only NOW coming out from scientific findings of Project Eden on Human genetic origins and is now well known and accepted in scientific circles. The bible is literally awash with very Black skinned individuals and most of them were too influential and too well known for the liking of the powers that be. These facts unfortunately were and continue to be expunged from religious texts and manuscripts by religious constabulary. My tribe’s phonics and customs for instance are deeply rooted in Jewishness. A more contemporary example is the fact that the Thespian Whoopy Goldberg, singer and actor Harry Belafonte are Jewish. You see, one does not necessarily need to have a name that ends in stein,berg,mann,nthal,lein,heimer,nsky and be pale skinned to be accepted as Jewish. Our tribal names end in; shua as in Nalishua, ilishua and our word for mother is Ima! This is an interesting potential area of research for anthropologists.

This is a classic example of how the whole world and especially the clergy of Christendom with their cloaks drenched in the blood of innocent civilians has allowed itself to be deceived and deceive the masses in the process. They want every one to believe that all the actions by Israel have predetermined divine approval no matter how atrocious. This to me is the most dangerous fallacy perpetrated by blinded leaders of Christendom and the custodians of imperialistic western hegemony. This even dwarfs the Hamitic Myth (Noah’s supposed ‘curse’ of Ham one of his sons and ultimately myriads of negrescent (Black people) after him. This story has everlastingly assigned to the African the role of servitude as divinely cursed servants of white people. This Jewish fabrication of the Hamitic Myth has provided the moral pretext upon which the entire slave trade grew and flourished.

This I say with full cognisance of the fact that there are truly well meaning Jews and Israelis alike who are repulsed at the gross injustice that has been perpetrated against their brothers the Palestinians and still harbour hope of a more peaceful co-existence and campaign for an immediate end to the occupation of Palestinian land. To this end we must soldier on together. It is my solemn belief that, “The ultimate solution to the Middle East Conflict will and ultimately must be a civilian one. Requiring an awakening of the collective consciences of the non combatant population on both sides to forcefully assert that thus far armed conflict has achieved little in the way of peace and security for both parties and that it was about time they tried and gave good old fashion Peace and quite a chance.” –Namakando Nalikando Sinyama

Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Barotseland, Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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