Tuesday, June 9, 2009


By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama, B.Sc Forestry,BAHRM

In every human undertaking it is always useful to make a realistic introspective analysis of all the possible huddles or challenges that threaten the successful achievement of your set objectives. The Democratic Party is currently in its best possible situation for years to win the elections against the Republicans in November. The only problem or realistic threat it is facing is actually from within its own ranks. This is exemplified by the protracted nomination primaries they have gracefully allowed to play out. The unlikely defeat to the Republicans may come not because they will be preferred more by the general electorate but because Democrats will not have enough time to do the much needed internal damage control and rally around their preferred candidate before November.

For the above scenario, I hold the Super delegates within the Democratic Party ranks entirely responsible for inflicting this lasting damage to their own chances of winning the coming general election. Senator Howard Dean said it best when he issued a directive to undecided super delegates to, ‘Decide Now!’ I commend those that have been principled and brave enough to uphold democratic ideals by openly endorsing the candidate of their choice. This shows they have put Party interests first before all else. I submit that to still remain undecided or neutral at this stage of the primaries is more damaging to the image of the Party than they care to admit.

It is embarrassing to see them stand on the fence unless they are also falling prey to the ‘strange’ Clinton mathematics that give her hope of winning even if it mean her single handedly changing the Party rules to suit her interests. What stubbornness and impudence indeed! If you did not want Senator Barack Obama to stand in the first place you should not have allowed him to register his candidature. Your resistance to endorse him proves that his performance has come as a shock even to his own party that allowed him to stand only to serve as a legitimatization façade or an exercise in Democratic Party affirmative action. The Democratic Party is showing to the world that they already had their preferred candidate and they are ready to literally force a square peg into a round hole if they must to have their way. If the situation were reversed and Senator Obama was the one trailing Senator Clinton, you need not be an accomplished Psycho-Analyst to know that there would have been greater pressure from within the party for him to pave way to the clear front runner to save the party lasting damage. The issue of Michigan and Florida is merely being used as scapegoats for some underlying sinister motives by super delegates not backing the Senator from Illinois. I would like to warn the party that it is causing more harm to itself than what the Senator McCain and Republican attack machine or the utterances of Reverend Wright, which Senator Obama did not say himself. He has run an honorable campaign, which is more than I can say for the other campaign that has been overtly racist by appealing and fueling the electorate’s racial prejudices. Senator Obama has never called Senator Clinton a liar even after the embarrassment of the sniper fire fabrication. Which is what it was, a blatant lie, not the euphemistic immortalisation it later became, of ‘I misspoke’! Most of the Super delegates have clearly looked the other way and instead opted to remain undecided in a very disturbing show of quite support for the Clinton campaign style and message. The Democratic Party embraces a politician who is prepared to tell lies in order to get her way. She voted for the war in Iraq given the same extent of misinformation the country was flooded with. They choose not to back the Senator who was equally misinformed but had the better judgment to vote against an evil war, which later culminated in the hanging of a head of State. Does being Democratic mean you can inflict damage to the Party’s chances of winning even when they can do a lot to chart the course towards achieving overall party Goals and global Vision. I see these so-called undecided super delegates eventually being in the forefront to agitate and campaign for an Obama/Clinton ticket, which to me will be a sure recipe for failure. Loyalty to the Nation over rides loyalty to an individual, a family and a legacy. If they are scared the Clintons will not respect them if they endorsed Senator Obama then they were never really respected to begin with. I have always thought that it is in critical moments like this that true friendship is put to the ultimate test. It does take a friend to pat you on the shoulder and say to you, ‘Let go, its over, you tried your very best’. I would cherish such a friend and they would win my respect forever!

I will not stoop so low as to engage myself on the subject of Race because racists are ignorant people with an inflated ego of themselves that drowns in personal insecurities. I forgive all Racists i hope they realise the folly of their misjudgment. We all bleed, and guess what the blood is red in all races. The disease of racism and its sufferers are fueled by religion.
The only problem with their form of Russian Roulette is only one chamber of the gun cylinder is empty!


Barotse Patriot
Barotseland, Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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