Monday, August 12, 2013


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama While many a Northern Rhodesian are busy baying for the head of Mamadou Gaye, the much loathed Ivorian Super Sport football commentator, some of us are realistic enough to boldly state that he was for the most part spot on about some pretending champions getting booted out in the very first round of the AFCON. Therefore, for that sporting insight by him, we will always sal...ute his discernment. It does also go without saying that if we are to be really honest with ourselves, after watching them struggle through friendly fixtures, most of us held this view anyway. It is just that a well know aspect of human nature sustained them, that is, to always hope against hope so as to avert the inevitable even when it stared us in the eyes! Listening to his highly corrosive sarcasm and scathing attacks on feeble but pompous outfits in that deep, pigeon or is it creole marred and adulterated accent of his, was something i could listen to the whole day. Certain truths have to be told somehow and sugar-coating them rarely ever improves their biting reality. The latest spin is, look, our fellow group members being Bukina Faso and Nigeria have both qualified to the next round, what this proves is that they were put in the ultimate group of death! Sadly this angle of reasoning may have eluded me totally because fact remains fact; You-Did-Not-Make-The -Cut, period. Brother, have you no shame? OK, we did not qualify even to the second round of the AFCON, let us now focus on winning the World Cup! Am i the only one seeing the funny side of this type of reasoning? For the umpteenth time may you know that god is not a soccer fun, ‘Christian’ nation declaration coming to your aid(zilch!), spiritual and ritualistic appeasement(bathing at the Gabon crush site) do not work at all, well at least not any more. I just feel bad for laying it bare like this for people and inadvertently seem as though I am scratching a healing wound. CAUTION: You are not me, for safety reasons, never talk like this in public (This is only safely managed in the virtual public), people are still going through a process of healing and the natural thing to do is empathize with them.


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama The obvious hand of the Illuminati in this television programme is undeniable if only one cares enough to pay attention to all the signs. It is not just the symbol of the all seeing eye of Horus that gives it away as being the work of people whose motives may not be entirely beneficial to those who have been gullible enough and have the time to tune in. Without seemingly becoming the wet blanket that I am not, may I just state here that the massive intellectual and cultural benefits of this show have completely eluded me sadly. If Africans have now worked hard enough to now pass time watching shows that have no direct and observable value but which do more in contributing to the overall moral decadence of the continent then that is entirely their choice. Just what form of encouragement do Africa’s youth get from this show? What aspect of Africanness is accurately depicted by what you see in BBA show? How are your youth who stay up late nights to watch that material enriched by being glued onto the screen for hours on end? By addressing these issues, I am not in any way declaring myself moral police nor am I constituting meself judge of anyone’s conduct as we all have the right to choose what we can and cannot watch on satellite or cable Television. It is really doubtful to some of us if this social construction of reality that BBA is has any real lasting value to the average thinking and serious individual; for we see it very much as a failed experiment which has managed to occupy the minds of the mediocre. I kindly beseech you not to take serious offense at what I am disclosing to you if you happen to be caught up in this web of deceit and hedonistic show of carnal immorality neatly packaged as reality TV. It is in the end all about choices we make in life and as to whether or not we will be able to live with the consequences of these decisions. What, they teach how to deal with different human personalities and character traits? You find the different tasks they give in the house intellectually challenging and beneficial in exciting ones cranial department? are they teaching and encouraging team work and sharpening leadership qualities in the house mates? Are they trying to foster African unity by encouraging youths from diverse backgrounds to interact freely in a watched closed environment? If these are some of the many illusions you have been living under I strongly recommend you take the Red Pill before it is too late! (from ‘The Matrix Philosophy’ ) Come on! Namakando get off it, you are spoiling it for us. It was already marred before I had anything to say about it, you just did not want to see what was right before your very eyes. I do sincerely hope that even after allowing my children to make their own free choices in life they will not fall prey to these trappings of libertines. Well then, have you not watched the show you ask? Look, the few times that I have strayed off into the living room and the telly happened to be on, and by some freakish chance the show could have been showing and if by sheer happenstance my eyes were not shut ,then yes I could have caught a glimpse of it and that was all really. What I can tell you with a great degree of certitude is that you will never ever catch me dead sitting through that rubbish. If you are eggshells I might have trodden on thee too hard with my rather candid expression of an opinion that I hold dear whether rightfully or wrongly. As for all those who enjoy the show dearly I respectfully encourage you to carry on with my best wishes as these are the liberated days after all! How then are the Illuminati connected with all this? If you read up on their global agenda you will clearly see how the end justifies the means.


Entry No.101 By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Nothing do i detest more than seeing or listening to a bunch of lavishly draped women wiggling their bottoms to some blaring and ear splitting clutter of sounds of their preferred Congolese tune they have the audacity of calling Rhumba Gospel emanating from some squeaky onboard television or music system . The sheer naivety of these people utterly shocks me because I can clearly see their dancing where waist gyration is by the way the predominant feature, is inadvertently, depicting the sexual act! But alas, they dance for god. All I know is, Saint Christopher, The Patron Saint of travellers is not at all amused by the din you create. The other annoying thing with public buses is that just because they are playing so called ‘gospel’ music my ears should not suffer as the sound levels are always beyond the allowable decibels. For some strange reason there seems to be an unofficial consensus that if the music be religious then loud it will be. The last time I checked I was never diagnosed with a severe case of ear wax problem or inflammation of the ear passageway or what we in the business call auditory meatus . Look, I paid for this bus ride and frankly, I don’t care less nor am I interested in the racket they create so as to evoke the spirits or as supplication to theirs gods to grant them travelling mercies. I think RATSA should re-educate people that music of whatever genre does little or nothing to confer protection to road users. Simply be smart, follow traffic rules and regulations and keep your vehicles in road worthy condition only then can you arrive alive and let me read my book or finish my crosswords in peace, god!!! .


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama One cannot help but see the ugly hand of The CIA and Mossad in aiding the insurrection that has resulted in the recent ousting of a Muslim Brotherhood strong man heading Egypt as President. The Israeli interests were too threatened to allow a prolonged reign of radical Muslims so close to their home. In a rather shocking and ironic turn of events, Tahrir square protests have been covertly utilized to depose a democratically elected head of state. This is so much for the much spoken of hype about America being a champion of democracy. As the only power in a now uni-polar world it is only democracy if it serves their (American) purpose and design in bringing about the New World Order. To the uninitiated, it all looks rosy as they see this event as another show of what a united people can achieve. They have naively attributed this whole incident to People Power again as it was achieved during the ‘Arab Spring Revolutions’ in other countries. I hope the West are now happy with what they have achieved because Egypt is now succesfully attaining that not so enviable status of being a Failed State joining Somalia et al. In Political Intelligence analysis however, we seek to understand the Power behind the Power! So some of us are not exactly fooled by the façade they are presenting to the world. Have people wondered why the Syrian standoff will play out longer than they think? In the end, do not be surprised if Assad still emerges victorious by quenching the unrest with a strong arm of defiance.( And,If you think this coup d’état is going to be unanimously condemned by the western powers like they hastily do in most other parts of the world,I would not hold my breath if I were you .It will be unhealthy on your part as you will just turn blue from self- inflicted asphyxiation! This is indeed a scary time to be alive folks, we need to buckle up alright! The nauseating hypocrisy exhibited by the West of even sitting down to engage the military coup leaders was not at all shocking if one is familiar with their dealings around the world. Now the world should brace themselves for a spiral of protracted violence because in all fairness the Muslim Brotherhood need to fight to the Death to ensure their hold on power is reinstated by any means neccesary otherwise the waters of the Nile will turn red and this time it will not be a biblical curse on pharaouh but with the blood of modern day Egyptians.


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Even Joseph Heller would turn green with envy at the apt application of the phrase he so naively coined decades ago. Come ooooon Uncle Bob Gaby Gaby! Show 'em just who really is Boss. Until then, am afraid they may have to first find one with an equal Blood of a Revolutionary and visionary spirit of a rare witty leader of our Age. Win it and then ma......gnanimously just identify your successor to carry on the baton of True Pan Africanism which should ably co-exist with the modern dispensation of evil capitalism spurred on by egotistic philosophies of profit at all costs. Your people have survived with you through political turmoil effected and inflicted on them by the despotic western hegemonic rulers. Your people are hard workers, resourceful and thus survivors, they obviously need some form of reprieve from their economic ordeal. This however must never ever come at the expense of National Pride and Identity which is represented by the people proudly owning a piece of their ancestral land. Mutabaruka, which is Rwandese or Burundian for 'The Unconquerable one' once said," Land is Power without it, Life has no Worth." Believe me, we are from Barotseland, and by God we do know what Land is truly worth! Your people must never be shot at for so-called trespassing in the land of their birth by people who own duo-citizenship. Granted, that the path taken may have caused the many sufferings and eventual deaths and break-down of the societal fabric in The House of Stone. These events have no doubt been highly regrettable and to some extent they could have been avoided. We who share his visionary spirit however saw and still see the broader picture of a True Revolutionary. There was collateral damage along the way but my prophecy is this that Time shall come when U Robert Gabriel Mugabe shall be read of in History books as a great Leader! This is obviously sounding quite controversial to armchair critics who know not the basics of Revolution and those that may have suffered and still suffer harsh conditions which they rather wrongly attribute to The Supreme Leader and i mean that in a good way! I can actually go on and on ad nauseam on the subject matter but space and time cannot allow. May the Change that most people require come but it must never happen at the dictate of foreign powers with ulterior motives. Our friends must not be allowed to jump from a frying pan into the fire. Change is very necessary but to what? Do people really think Uncle Robert does not realize he needs to rest? He is to me one of the smartest Presidents Africa has ever had whether currently serving or past. Now you can join me in ranking them and see what you get! Enjoy the exercise .Selah


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama My concept is this that the presence of dread locks on someone’s scalp actually has a lot to do more with what is in the inside of their heads and not on it. That is, the quality of their thinking, content of their character and their life’s guiding philosophies. You may prove this from the list you can come up with of notable people that are or have been dreaded (as we say in the business) once in history. It is extremely saddening though how some backward societies still think to spot dreadlocks means that you are weed smoking, unprofessional, un-serious, uneducated hooligan and unmotivated!! To the contrary, this fashion symbol is in fact a very strong and powerful public statement that people make and one only needs to sit down with one of these that have genuine dreads to realize the depth of misunderstanding that abounds about who they are as people. By genuine dreads, i mean I have actually crafted a categorization of a myriad reasons why I think people decide to go dread. Although, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as genuine dreads because each person ultimately has a reason why they choose to throw the comb away! To illustrate; 1. FASHION DREADS- Everyone is doing it and it looks pretty cool and trendy, so why the hake not? 2. ECONOMIC DREADS- I may not be able to manage or afford to always go to the salon and the barber shop so… Dread is the way to go and that is how it is going to be! 3. IMITATION DREADS-There are a lot of positive reasons I have heard about going dread so I would like to be associated with them even when I may not completely understand what these are! Please, grow a brain. Can you not be a little more original in your actions? 4. COMMERCIAL DREADS- When I go Dread there are sections of society that take to people with dreads and develop a fondness for them. I will take advantage of them economically or financially once they fall in love with me because of spotting dreads. There is a fad or craze in tourist towns like Livingstone where a certain clique of blokes who strictly seek out white girls and as my observation would have it these guys are mostly in dreads! These have sometimes been the source of the foliage of the cheap and easily accessible now criminalized but really innocent mood altering hallucinogenic palmate herbaceous shrub! You get to see a lot of this in Livingstone where some unsuspecting Caucasian and fairly youthful girls fall for brothers who are otherwise widely deemed to be of humble looks and quite simplistic in their demeanor. If you ever thought you would win the hearts of these females by waltzing your way to them with your perceived sense self-importance and sophistication, you would be disappointed. Some of these brothers sometimes do not remember the last time they came into contact with water. They even develop a rare form of hydrophobia that would make a rabid dog seem like a platypus. There are exceptions to this general rule though because a few brothers are actually very well-tended and are very nicely dressed too. A number of them even hold quite respectable positions in society at their levels. There are those in the entertainment industry who see dreads as the in thing among performers and resort to being dreaded so as to increase their stage presence and appeal among their followers and funs alike. The trouble is in primitive or not socially advanced and diverse communities as Zambia is akin, they would not let you keep dreads and keep a formal job. This is the reason I had to hastily clip me well groomed ‘Crown of Jah’ after varsity as I needed to look for a formal, white collar job. I see this perception slowly changing but we still have a long way to go. Other African countries like South Africa have gone so far and they see this hair style as perfectly normal and is commonly accepted as a beautiful way of expressing the nature of an Afrikan person. 5. LAZY DREADS- I would rather just get up and go about my day to day business every morning without having to waste time attending to my hear and styling it. 6. ‘ANGEL’S’ DREADS- These are dreads you see on the many tramps, hobos and vagabonds walking around nearly half dressed and stack naked sometimes. These so-called mad people are called ‘Angels of Jah’ because of their innocence, purity of heart and the protection they receive from Jah. They pick their food from the garbage dumps but never get sick at all. They quickly attain some mysterious form of immunity from disease that would easily get the so-called ‘normal’ people down in no time if at all they tried eating from the dumps. 7. CONSCIOUSNESS DREADS- These are Sistrens and idrens who are aware and are thus conscious of the history of dread locks and their religious significance. This category includes Rastafarians and those who may not really subscribe to any Isms or ideologies of any religious Order but have strongly opted to take a stand in society against or for an issue they feel deeply about. These are Doctors, Engineers, Clergy, Scientists and other professionals from different sectors. They have then opted to present a personality that outwardly expresses their inner self .These people who decide to go dreadlocked have a personality that is capable of confronting a stereotype and conquering it. They have attained a certain higher plane of spiritual awareness of their innermost being that had hitherto been trapped in a cocoon of self-imposed ignorance and fear of retrogressive societal norms but have now freed themselves to radiate a soul liberated from all known prejudices. This has long been dubbed rebellion against the established social order of things. These have been fearless and intrepid political activists against all forms of injustice and all manner of ills that still plague and mar the societal fabric. This is exactly what I was as a freshman at uni when I had kept my hair long and occasionally in dreads for a specific reason that is! These are a people, men and women alike,from all walks of life who have not fallen for the lies that have been spread for years to people of colour that you look untidy when your hair is in dreads or kept kinky. There is a fight, a sort of, undeclared war against the keeping of hair in a seemingly ‘unkempt’ state by attaching some ugly stereotype and caricature of it being an embodiment of all that is unclean and vile before the eyes of so-called civilized modern society. This has triggered the mushrooming of barber shops at every street corner from every nook and cranny. These have consequently been profiting from this falsehood that anything naturally afrikan is ugly and dirty. During the ‘60s In the deep South of the United States a well-tended afro hairstyle was the in thing then as it was used as an assertion by the oppressed people of colour’s pride in their afrikan heritage to let the oppressors know that, to paraphrase James Brown, we are Black and extremely proud that we are! We are never apologetic about it! What my favourite world’s greatest radical poet, Mutabaruka advises is that we truly need to ‘Dispel The Lie!’ My honest truth is this that no self-respecting Caucasian male ever cuts their hair as short as we Africans do. Unless of course, these Caucasians were of a lower social class, or recently survived a vigorous cancer treatment of Chemo and Radiotherapy combined or were members of some Right Wing Neo-Nazi group of Swastika inked skinheads that holds that, ” To attain a certain degree of congruence with The Fuhrer philosophy is the ultimate goal of any well-meaning Neo-Nazi protagonist.”-Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama. We so unwisely clip our hair even during the coldest months of the year. This has made us look like a batch of cleanly shaven clones of skinheads from a yet controversial Eugenics experiment. The climatic conditions in afrika make it unbearable to keep long hair so you have been made to believe? The other excuse we have been sold is that kinky or afrikan hair is difficult to style and does not look nice when uncombed. This is of course a bunch of tripe, utterly preposterous and stupid. What really is at the core of the matter is what the world has been made to believe Beauty is and in whose eyes it is beheld. But, above all, people ought to look beyond the state of hair and see or reach out to the humanity in people. What, if I may know, drives our afrikan women to be so desperate and dehumanizing to themselves by imitating or mimicking the straight hair of Caucasians by burning theirs or smearing in it some offensive chemicals so extremely damaging to my olfactory abilities? They have even pushed the boundary of low self-esteem and self-perception by wearing the hair of actual dead people all in the name of vogue! This is when I find it particularly troubling. Just how ugly does one feel about themselves to want to walk around adorning some copse’s hair whether Peruvian or aboriginal? I dread to live to see the day my own daughters will want to change their appearance because they feel ashamed of my genes as their father that did not accord them the outward appearance that the world considers acceptable. If one engaged in some pure Chi-Thinking it would be revealed to them that there is a whole lot more at stake than just personal outlook and hygiene of the black African person. They have perpetrated the myth that as an African you look unclean when you keep your hair long. What you will see is that with long hair you will reach a realization that your appearance will be reflecting the true image of our ancient original Hebrew Sephardic Jewish ancestors as Beta Israel. The greatest of who was the man Yeshua, The Christ! Your heritage and connection to this personage has been made nebulous in various copious religious translations of manuscripts and writings and it has effectively been stolen from you. The reality we grew up with as young and radical Garveyite youthmen is that Caucasian hair is incapable of matting into dreadlocks naturally the way that of negrescent or that of people of colour does. We proudly sing that, “we had never seen the image of a bald head Jesus Christ, for we read it in our Bibles that Jesus Christ was indeed a dreadlocked Nazarene! You correctly ask, “When will we learn as Christians not to judge others based on their appearances??? Such un-Christian behaviour and I doubt Jesus is proud of all those who look down their noses at others because of their hairstyle!! This behaviour is indeed shocking actually. But do you really want to know why Jesus would be particularly disappointed? Lo and Behold, he was himself Dreaded! Remember him being referred to as Jesus of Nazareth? He was and is a Nazarite or a Nazarene , who took the vow of the Nazariteship as recorded at Numbers 6:1-5. This vow involved a very strict regimen of dietary restrictions and behavior in society. Although, Jesus himself was by his very nature a revolutionary individual who came and challenged most of the laid down traditions. He could come into contact with the dead contrary with the dictates of the Nazarite Vow. Some of the notable Nazarites in the bible were Samson, John the Baptist e.t.c The prophetic revelation of the appearance of The Ancient Of Days as recorded at Daniel 7:9 will tell you without a doubt the texture of his hair. Wool as we know it is not straight but kinky! I could obviously go on ad infinitum on the subject but time and space cannot allow…..


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama The following below is an excerpt from the Summarized Version of The ROYAL BAROTSELAND NATIONAL INVESTMENT POLICY 2012 (First Draft) You will, no doubt, find that this is a very nice piece of writing indeed. However, from the very first paragraph which reads, “Building the nation is an activity that is very enormous and it requires every citizen’s participation for us to have a society that is founded on strong laws and policies which don’t segregate any black bull. We have a vision that is achievable and we need to share this vision with all the black bulls." It must be remembered that, SEGREGATE and BLACK BULL are the operative terms here. It is shockingly blatantly oxymoronic in a way; Am I the only one who has picked it up? Let me explain; I know not whether that was meant to emphasize something that we are probably not privy to or what exactly were they trying to say here? The above statement from the Investment Policy repeatedly and deliberately segregates against 'Black Cows'! This might seem funny,trivial, petty to most and hence viewed as an academic argument but to me we appear to building a sexist Nation that is already making the fairer gender feel more alienated. This type of disposition has a psychological effect of influencing the thought processes and behavioral pattern of the resultant society in whose psyche the expression is drummed into. The effect of which could manifest itself in a multiplicity of ways. What I fear, more than anything is when it gets engrained as a skewed mass tendency to isolate women and marginalize them in the struggle for total liberation and the subsequent rebuilding of Barotseland especially when it comes to occupying positions and roles of decision making. This issue is all the more worrisome in that the statement above appears in such a key document as the Investment Policy which should chart the course for our gallop into the beckoning economic future of the Nation where we all need to be equal and dedicated players. Unless, of course, you tell us that you are using 'BLACK BULL' as a generic term like MAN which to me would be utterly ludicrous as we know that all Bulls are Male! It is also zoologically impossible for a Bull to be a Cow. Moreover, as far as I recall animal husbandry has not yet ventured into the area of transgender operations. It is my humble request that I am afraid we may have to come up with a more uniting expression or phraseology to denote the collective people of This Great Nation of Barotseland and not one that calls its citizenry after some testosterone-packed Bovine species! There is a psychological phenomenon which I have coined ‘Reinforced linguistic Operant conditioning’. Not exactly in your classic sense of Skinner and Thorndike, but their ideas and work were the precursors to my line of thinking. The Reinforcement occurs when Black Bull is repeatedly used to refer to Barotses in general. Operant conditioning in Psychology is a process of behavior modification in which the likelihood of a specific behavior is increased or decreased through positive or negative reinforcement each time the behavior is exhibited, so that the subject comes to associate the pleasure or displeasure of the reinforcement with the behavior. The reward the operant gets is an emboldening sense of Nationalistic identity that induces an unexplainable inner warmth for being referred to by a collective term, albeit a terrible divisive misnomer. The reality and what I feel is the truth about its true origins is in the mistaken belief by most traditional afrikan societies that men are actually in the forefront of any struggle. It is but a male-chauvinistic expression meant to exclude the fairer sex as they are deemed more fragile. It is a well-known fact that cattle is a symbol of national wealth in Barotseland hence its appearance on most proposed future National insignia. The Bulls are a masculine symbol of strength and sexual virility even among our many tribal cousins. The most interesting possible explanation for the use of ‘Black Bull’ comes from my early pre-pubescent years growing up in Rural Barotseland when we used to herd cattle. We used to organise animal duels in the plains between villages. Each village would select what they felt was their strongest stock of fighting Bulls. These would then have their horns sharpened with broken glass so as to inflict the most pain. I vividly recall how the boys from each of the villages would return late evening with their sets of Bulls covered in blood gashing from the multiple goring wounds sustained in the plains at the hands of ill-informed savage boys, that was us, then. In retrospect though, now that I know better and steadily on a Buddhist path, I would never imagine myself engaging in this form of inhumane savagery of the worst order. Visions of equal barbarism by Matadors of Spain spring to mind. Anyway, before I digress too much I believe I have successfully made my point. As for the colour of the Bull, it merely makes reference to the legendary rich skin hue of us Barotses who are heavily endowed with melanin.And for all those that may be curious, I am very much male but I felt compelled to bring this issue up and subject it to stringent public scrutiny. You will find that actually the more accurate Anglicized rendering of the full expression ought to be, “ Children of The Black Bull”. This though, is by all counts, a bit of a mouth full hence it is rarely ever used. But still you realize why it is subtle, The Bull surely must have been born from a cow that was once in calf but this biological logic is scrambled in nationalistic fervor. Knowing Malozi as I do, they may come up with some idealistic mythology suggesting once there was only a solo Bull that appeared mysteriously from the watery deep. I just so love the creativity of my people. We clearly we need to fully understand in depth the sophistication of Malozi in order to know them and how they are really wired as a people. I leave you with my favourite words by Alexander Pope (1688-1744) “A little learning is a dang'rous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again. Fir'd at first sight with what the Muse imparts, In fearless youth we tempt the heights of Arts, While from the bounded level of our mind Short views we take, nor see the lengths behind; But more advanc'd, behold with strange surprise New distant scenes of endless science rise!”