Monday, August 12, 2013


Entry No.101 By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Nothing do i detest more than seeing or listening to a bunch of lavishly draped women wiggling their bottoms to some blaring and ear splitting clutter of sounds of their preferred Congolese tune they have the audacity of calling Rhumba Gospel emanating from some squeaky onboard television or music system . The sheer naivety of these people utterly shocks me because I can clearly see their dancing where waist gyration is by the way the predominant feature, is inadvertently, depicting the sexual act! But alas, they dance for god. All I know is, Saint Christopher, The Patron Saint of travellers is not at all amused by the din you create. The other annoying thing with public buses is that just because they are playing so called ‘gospel’ music my ears should not suffer as the sound levels are always beyond the allowable decibels. For some strange reason there seems to be an unofficial consensus that if the music be religious then loud it will be. The last time I checked I was never diagnosed with a severe case of ear wax problem or inflammation of the ear passageway or what we in the business call auditory meatus . Look, I paid for this bus ride and frankly, I don’t care less nor am I interested in the racket they create so as to evoke the spirits or as supplication to theirs gods to grant them travelling mercies. I think RATSA should re-educate people that music of whatever genre does little or nothing to confer protection to road users. Simply be smart, follow traffic rules and regulations and keep your vehicles in road worthy condition only then can you arrive alive and let me read my book or finish my crosswords in peace, god!!! .

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