Monday, August 12, 2013


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama The obvious hand of the Illuminati in this television programme is undeniable if only one cares enough to pay attention to all the signs. It is not just the symbol of the all seeing eye of Horus that gives it away as being the work of people whose motives may not be entirely beneficial to those who have been gullible enough and have the time to tune in. Without seemingly becoming the wet blanket that I am not, may I just state here that the massive intellectual and cultural benefits of this show have completely eluded me sadly. If Africans have now worked hard enough to now pass time watching shows that have no direct and observable value but which do more in contributing to the overall moral decadence of the continent then that is entirely their choice. Just what form of encouragement do Africa’s youth get from this show? What aspect of Africanness is accurately depicted by what you see in BBA show? How are your youth who stay up late nights to watch that material enriched by being glued onto the screen for hours on end? By addressing these issues, I am not in any way declaring myself moral police nor am I constituting meself judge of anyone’s conduct as we all have the right to choose what we can and cannot watch on satellite or cable Television. It is really doubtful to some of us if this social construction of reality that BBA is has any real lasting value to the average thinking and serious individual; for we see it very much as a failed experiment which has managed to occupy the minds of the mediocre. I kindly beseech you not to take serious offense at what I am disclosing to you if you happen to be caught up in this web of deceit and hedonistic show of carnal immorality neatly packaged as reality TV. It is in the end all about choices we make in life and as to whether or not we will be able to live with the consequences of these decisions. What, they teach how to deal with different human personalities and character traits? You find the different tasks they give in the house intellectually challenging and beneficial in exciting ones cranial department? are they teaching and encouraging team work and sharpening leadership qualities in the house mates? Are they trying to foster African unity by encouraging youths from diverse backgrounds to interact freely in a watched closed environment? If these are some of the many illusions you have been living under I strongly recommend you take the Red Pill before it is too late! (from ‘The Matrix Philosophy’ ) Come on! Namakando get off it, you are spoiling it for us. It was already marred before I had anything to say about it, you just did not want to see what was right before your very eyes. I do sincerely hope that even after allowing my children to make their own free choices in life they will not fall prey to these trappings of libertines. Well then, have you not watched the show you ask? Look, the few times that I have strayed off into the living room and the telly happened to be on, and by some freakish chance the show could have been showing and if by sheer happenstance my eyes were not shut ,then yes I could have caught a glimpse of it and that was all really. What I can tell you with a great degree of certitude is that you will never ever catch me dead sitting through that rubbish. If you are eggshells I might have trodden on thee too hard with my rather candid expression of an opinion that I hold dear whether rightfully or wrongly. As for all those who enjoy the show dearly I respectfully encourage you to carry on with my best wishes as these are the liberated days after all! How then are the Illuminati connected with all this? If you read up on their global agenda you will clearly see how the end justifies the means.

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