Monday, August 12, 2013


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama One cannot help but see the ugly hand of The CIA and Mossad in aiding the insurrection that has resulted in the recent ousting of a Muslim Brotherhood strong man heading Egypt as President. The Israeli interests were too threatened to allow a prolonged reign of radical Muslims so close to their home. In a rather shocking and ironic turn of events, Tahrir square protests have been covertly utilized to depose a democratically elected head of state. This is so much for the much spoken of hype about America being a champion of democracy. As the only power in a now uni-polar world it is only democracy if it serves their (American) purpose and design in bringing about the New World Order. To the uninitiated, it all looks rosy as they see this event as another show of what a united people can achieve. They have naively attributed this whole incident to People Power again as it was achieved during the ‘Arab Spring Revolutions’ in other countries. I hope the West are now happy with what they have achieved because Egypt is now succesfully attaining that not so enviable status of being a Failed State joining Somalia et al. In Political Intelligence analysis however, we seek to understand the Power behind the Power! So some of us are not exactly fooled by the façade they are presenting to the world. Have people wondered why the Syrian standoff will play out longer than they think? In the end, do not be surprised if Assad still emerges victorious by quenching the unrest with a strong arm of defiance.( And,If you think this coup d’état is going to be unanimously condemned by the western powers like they hastily do in most other parts of the world,I would not hold my breath if I were you .It will be unhealthy on your part as you will just turn blue from self- inflicted asphyxiation! This is indeed a scary time to be alive folks, we need to buckle up alright! The nauseating hypocrisy exhibited by the West of even sitting down to engage the military coup leaders was not at all shocking if one is familiar with their dealings around the world. Now the world should brace themselves for a spiral of protracted violence because in all fairness the Muslim Brotherhood need to fight to the Death to ensure their hold on power is reinstated by any means neccesary otherwise the waters of the Nile will turn red and this time it will not be a biblical curse on pharaouh but with the blood of modern day Egyptians.

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