Monday, August 12, 2013


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Even Joseph Heller would turn green with envy at the apt application of the phrase he so naively coined decades ago. Come ooooon Uncle Bob Gaby Gaby! Show 'em just who really is Boss. Until then, am afraid they may have to first find one with an equal Blood of a Revolutionary and visionary spirit of a rare witty leader of our Age. Win it and then ma......gnanimously just identify your successor to carry on the baton of True Pan Africanism which should ably co-exist with the modern dispensation of evil capitalism spurred on by egotistic philosophies of profit at all costs. Your people have survived with you through political turmoil effected and inflicted on them by the despotic western hegemonic rulers. Your people are hard workers, resourceful and thus survivors, they obviously need some form of reprieve from their economic ordeal. This however must never ever come at the expense of National Pride and Identity which is represented by the people proudly owning a piece of their ancestral land. Mutabaruka, which is Rwandese or Burundian for 'The Unconquerable one' once said," Land is Power without it, Life has no Worth." Believe me, we are from Barotseland, and by God we do know what Land is truly worth! Your people must never be shot at for so-called trespassing in the land of their birth by people who own duo-citizenship. Granted, that the path taken may have caused the many sufferings and eventual deaths and break-down of the societal fabric in The House of Stone. These events have no doubt been highly regrettable and to some extent they could have been avoided. We who share his visionary spirit however saw and still see the broader picture of a True Revolutionary. There was collateral damage along the way but my prophecy is this that Time shall come when U Robert Gabriel Mugabe shall be read of in History books as a great Leader! This is obviously sounding quite controversial to armchair critics who know not the basics of Revolution and those that may have suffered and still suffer harsh conditions which they rather wrongly attribute to The Supreme Leader and i mean that in a good way! I can actually go on and on ad nauseam on the subject matter but space and time cannot allow. May the Change that most people require come but it must never happen at the dictate of foreign powers with ulterior motives. Our friends must not be allowed to jump from a frying pan into the fire. Change is very necessary but to what? Do people really think Uncle Robert does not realize he needs to rest? He is to me one of the smartest Presidents Africa has ever had whether currently serving or past. Now you can join me in ranking them and see what you get! Enjoy the exercise .Selah

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