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By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Having been off mail for a wee while i reckoned i ought to sift through all the old mail in me inbox in case some subject matter catches my fancy. I stumbled across the mail below which i must say i found utterly shocking. The gentleman’s unenviable chimera-like shape shifting from a well established collective espirit de corps focussed on internal mass industrial liberation to a lonely corner spot of ZRAWU hegemony. This is very dangerous for any individual who genuinely aspires to be a leader of anything let alone a group of very intelligent human beings. I say this with full cognizance of the fact that i have no right whatsoever to constitute myself judge of his conduct. Only this type of sudden personality and principle change is to say the least worryingly sickening. It actually makes one want to be careful who you say what to lest they shape shift on you! But then in retrospect, I thought it may have been bizarrely plausible albeit remotely that by some freakish fluke of nature my brother and tribal cousin Franklin Chiingo may have grown a ‘brain’ over night! His radical Machiavellian (Niccolo Machiavelli 1469-1527, Italian Statesman from his book The Prince) repositioning in his personal quest to command and taste some semblance of power and authoritarian officialdom is deeply immoral. We may be naively thinking this battle will be easily won. The reality on the ground is however that this situation is bound to play out for a longer time than we care to admit. When push comes to shove however, something will definitely have to give. The real forces at play in this matter and which have major stakes are these;

1. Government, on one hand is quietly aware of what is happening and their interests are always multi-faceted in nature. For one thing, they would want uninterrupted ZRA operations as the ideal situation. One needs not say too much here for obvious reasons!

2. The ZRA management who may currently feel an internal union would and has been quite malleable and thus manageable, may be rather reluctant to change this internal power equilibrium. I would not be very off if i assert that the workforce is currently very weakened and generally disillusioned by the status quo as it persists. Technically, after having resigned from ZRAWU en masse as we did, in actuality we are still merely expressing a wish, even though holding ZUFIAW membership cards proving our having joined this new union (ZUFIAW). The fact that to date they are yet to sign a recognition agreement with ZRA Management means that in as far as the collective bargaining process is concerned we have no legal representation. Whether you believe it or not, in reality, this has left us very unionless! We have allowed this industrial Mexican standoff of sorts to play out for far too long and it is having a very damaging effect on the workforce. This is not a good position to be in at all. Before long, employee dissatisfaction will set in and eventually it would lead to employee de-motivation consequently low productivity will be the result.

3. The ZUFIAW rank and file office holders, whether or not they have done and are doing enough to apply the necessary skills to ensure that they sign the recognition agreement with ZRA management is something open to conjecture. Do they for instance seem as though they have left the ball and effectively the battle in our hands alone now? Granted, that it is a collective fight but what is it that we need to do or we have not done already so that we quickly do it again or do more of it? One thing is for sure, there is NO collective WILL lacking among US employees within ZRA to leave ZRAWU and join a union of their choice.

The ZRA employees being the ones feeling the results of this delay have to bear the brunt of all ZRAWU machinations coupled with their downright administrative mediocrity of union matters.
You will notice i have meticulously left out ZRAWU as a force because in my mind they are not a factor anymore, we may even be expending our energy in the wrong direction when we target them and constantly reply to their effort of frustrating us. They are currently throwing a number of whammies and boomerangs in our direction here and there but what we need to realize is that by resigning the way we have done has effectively negated them from the equation. They are like a drowning man who out of sheer desperation is bound to even clutch onto a floating piece of straw to save their sorry self!

If we critically look at all the key players above, we will realize and i hope they do too that they stand to gain from a quick and speedy resolution of the situation we are faced with. Most importantly we must realize, we can and must use them(KEY PLAYERS) to our advantage so as to achieve our goal.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is industrial guerrilla ‘war-fare’ pure and simple i cannot think of it any other way and do not be mistaken the stakes are quite high so are the challenges we must overcome. The 3rd Law of military logistics says, “When cornered by enemy forces, use anything and everything at your disposal.”

What I will tell you people with a great degree of certitude is that our productive effectiveness has been and will be sapped even further if this Unionless status quo of ours in this corporate entity persists unresolved any longer than it has. This will not be good for any serious stakeholder. We are very professional workers who are willing to again apply ourselves even more, without needless undue distractions from our core purpose of employment this only once the matter of a suitable external ZUFIAW union representation is amicably secured and finalized.

Lukundo wrote (I would like you to send a photo of yourself, before we meet in person.
I want to put a face to the author.)

My Response: Would you blame me if I got uncomfortable of the prospect of being in your presence? Sorry about the hold up in replying. I do not intend to seem overly melodramatic or anything but I actually sought clearance before I could send these particular pictures. As it was put to me by The Establishment it had something to do with decorum. I will try hard to forestall any more questions from your curious self. (How is the following for a preemptive strike?) Albeit unsolicited for piece of trivia, if at all you have also wondered about what the last statement on my e-mail means, that is, “ Mwana Tau Ki Tau” It happens to be a rendering of the official signature of a dignified son of the Nation of Barotseland His Royal Highness Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika. Literally translated means, “A Lion-cub is actually a Lion”. For a detailed explanation of the derivation of the expression, it is nothing that cannot be exhausted over a few bottles of a known ‘curse’ of most Barotses (Brownies)!! Although I must confess, in a kinky kind of way, I find it quite unsettling to have to paste my image for public consumption in this manner at the request of a bloke. By the way, Kangwa was right our paths have indeed crossed and for more than once. After much considerable thought and rather reluctantly, kindly find attached hereto my humble self as you requested Lukundo!

Breathe easy mein freund!

Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
- “ Mwana Tau Ki Tau”
Barotse Patriot
Central Africa

“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.”Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

Monday, June 14, 2010


By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama

On a group of beautiful deserted islands in the middle of nowhere, the following people are suddenly stranded by, as you might expect, a shipwreck: 2 Italian men and 1 Italian woman2 French men and 1 French woman2 German men and 1 German woman2 Greek men and 1 Greek woman2 English men and 1 English woman2 Bulgarian men and 1 Bulgarian woman2 Japanese men and 1 Japanese woman2 Chinese men and 1 Chinese woman2 American men and 1 American woman2 Irish men and 1 Irish woman One month later on these same absolutely stunning deserted islands in the middle of nowhere, the following things have occurred:


/*One Italian man killed the other Italian man for the Italian woman.

(For me this shows the Italian’s over reliance on violence as a way of solving problems. This character trait is forever immortalized in Hollywood as Mafia pictures when the code of La Cosa Nostra is lived to the letter in protecting La Familia.)

/*The two French men and the French woman are living happily together in a ménage-a-trois. (Typical of French society, they will always be revered for their socio-liberalism and their near obsession with sensual gratification, to paraphrase, if there are 3 consenting adults why not indeed!)

/*The two German men have a strict weekly schedule of alternating visits with the German woman. (The German’s desire and insistence on Discipline, Order and Perfection in all they do comes out here. These are the Furher’s boys living the true meaning of their creed. That is why we will forever chant, “Dem Furher Einte Gergen Arbeitten.” If you need a typical example of Hitler’s inspirational legacy of Order and the pursuit of Perfection look at The VW,BMW,Mercedes Benz, Audi and Football Defense formation and then we can talk! )

/*The two Greek men are sleeping with each other and the Greek woman is cleaning and cooking for them.(The Grecians have historically had no trouble expressing what that Great Irish Play write and Dramatist Oscar O’flahertie Wills Wilde once called, “ The Love that Dare not speak its Name.” He further followed this up with, “The greatest way to get rid of a temptation, is to yield to it.” WOW! What genius I say!)

/*The two Bulgarian men took one long look at the endless ocean, and another long look at the Bulgarian woman, and started swimming.(If its not the famed Romany’s pre-occupation with wonder-lust. There is no where the Gypsy will not go, provided there is a route, they will take to it in search of sustenance. Yes, not even the allure of multiple sessions of erotica comes close!)

/*The two Japanese men have texted Tokyo and are awaiting instructions.(The Nipponese have become too afflicted with techno-philia that their ability to make even the most basic of decisions has been reduced somewhat.)

/*The two Chinese men have set up a pharmacy, a liquor store, a restaurant and a laundry, and have got the woman pregnant in order to supply employees for their stores. (The entrepreneurial instinct of the Sino shines through here. In their endeavor or quest to dominate global commerce, they will stop at nothing. They are prepared to use their run away libido to procreate and raise an army of workers. Ask the West and you will see how they have taken notice. They want to attack their Human Rights record, Ecological Footprint but they care less. The Red Army’s match is as inexorable as the very passage of Time I say!)

/*The two American men are contemplating the virtues of suicide because the American woman keeps endlessly complaining about her body; the true nature of feminism; how she can do everything they can do; the necessity of fulfilment; the equal division of household chores; how sand and palm trees make her look fat; how her last boyfriend respected her opinion and treated her nicer than they do; but how her relationship with her mother is improving and how at least the taxes are low and it isn't raining.(It’s the Yankees with their all too familiar holier-than-thou attitude and drunkenness with Demon-cracy which they impose on societies as if they were told it’s the most ideal governance model. What civil rights does the Yankee speak of? They have even waged War to export demon-cracy to weak countries and plunder those nation’s natural resources and impose governments there. Their materialistic society will be their undoing in the end. Human Rights my foot, Katrina Re-visited, let ‘em Go to the Reservations and assess the welfare of Native Americans, then they can come and chew gum in my face!)

/*The two English men are waiting for someone to introduce them to the English woman.(The Anglo-saxon’s genteel nature reverberates in this piece. They do not give it a hoot,no sensual desire can overpower their good nature; they can wait until hell freezes over before they can disrespect the woman folk. This they will do this even if they drowned in their own civility. The Angles are so conservative,the Fox Hunt on horse back continues even as I write, the truffles are still being picked in the country-side, nhuuu yammy!)

/*The two Irish men have divided the island into North and South and set up a distillery. They do not remember if sex is in the picture because it gets sort of foggy after the first few litres of coconut whisky. But they're satisfied because at least the English aren't getting laid either.(The Land of Eire is still in a constant battle over territory, and their bullish nature will be seen in their temperament, talk about Austere Unionists, Orange Order matches in Londonderry, Belfast, Sein Feihn will live on! We will forever be grateful to the gods for the culture of what I would in the rich Scottish/Irish Gaelic tongue uisage beatha. Like Barotses they relish the many outings to the local pub and have no qualms what so ever about empting a few kegs of some good old social lubricant as they engage in intellectual intercourse. My wits are at their sharpest after I imbibe a few swigs of you know what while lending an ear to some classic yoddling of The Dubliners’ renditions of Irish and Scottish drinking songs, Ooooooooh!!!!! How I miss them!)
Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle


Bo Imasiku Sibitwane (AKA) Sha,
Reading this from Bo Lisulo, now you may know exactly what the late Her Ladyship Gladys Mutukwa meant when she said, "Having very little knowledge is damaging." Consequently, this may explain why zambia will take long to attain any semblance of meaningful development in all areas. For this reason I want to officially withdraw from this august forum especially after seeing that no official invitation was extended to me to begin with. I rather mistakenly thought I would gradually benefit from some pockets of intellectual intercourse hereon from a few individuals who would seriously analyze some pertinent national and personal issues but I guess I was too hopeful. What i have noticed is that there is a greater response to postings or emails that are inclined to the sensually profane and ones that appeal more to the waist down wards rather than exciting my cranial department. I was almost excusing myself from this forum, because my brain is very small and am particularly wary of what i feed it with. My brain cells were even beginning to suffer from a rare form of cerebral degeneracy.In retrospect, however I have since resolved that it is our mission as BAROTSES i believe, to rid Zambians and the world of self imposed ignorance on certain matters of great import so as to foster genuine national unity. This is in contrast to the current situation where we just pretend and ignore burning issues brewing under foot. There has been several constitution review commissions that have been held but all have regrettably failed to address this issue conclusively. It really saddens me when grown members of the Homo sapien species willingly decide not to know or not believe or not understand material presented to them in so clear a manner because of their inability to comprehend.When I furnished them with a copy of The Barotseland Agreement 1964 I was rather naively hoping they would be schooled in the art Logical Thought and Reasoning which should serve to help them appreciate what led to their country’s founding. The discerning mind will realize that this Document is the only basis there is for MALOZI to be called Zambians and it is the only thing that will truly reconcile Malozi to the entity called zambia. Is it that important you ask? You betcha! This is a very important document that SHOULD unite ‘us’ as ‘ZAMBIANS’. I would like anyone who sees anything seditious and treasonable about it to write to me, clearly highlighting which parts these are. What Malozi have been belabouring to explain to Zambians with little success is that this document MUST be respected or RESTORED for us to be truly united as a people in a united zambia because as Barotseland we ARE and were a Nation with a National Anthem, National FLAG and National Dress code even before zambia was born take me to court for this if what I have said is a piece of historical inaccuracy .I do challenge thee this very minute!Since we signed it,rather unfortunately, what it means is we must , may or can only co-exist in accordance with the clauses and terms enshrined therein. Long years of passed on misinformation and scary ignorance has perpetrated a totally wrong and incorrect notion about the intentions of Barotse nationals. Mr. Lisulo and many like him, ought to have appreciated this fact by now but NO this is what he writes back, “You lozi chaps- can you stop using a derogatory and colonial term such as Barotseland !!!!!!!!!!! You chaps must know that this term was started by the stupid British colonialists after they failed to pronounce ba-lozi. And do you chaps want WP to be a state ?????? With all the sand there ????????? Guys be serious !!!!!!!BAROTSELAND is the name of our homeland Forever! Choke on that if you may. The ROTSE in Barotseland is our SOTHO language which means PLAIN. So Barotseland is simply “PEOPLE OF THE PLAIN as in BAROTSE PLAINS. Contrary to the way Mr.Lisulo wants to mislead the untaught Zambian masses, it was NEVER suggested by what he calls ‘stupid’ British Colonialists. Guess who is S-T-U-P-I-D Now? May this gentleman know and hopefully realise that the original inhabitants of Barotseland (Aluyana) spoke and speak Siluyana or (kwangwa) may the always enlightened Barotses please correct me where I may over embellish the truth as unlikely as it may be of course.I want to say this to Mr.Lisulo in as plain a language as I can possibly muster for the gentleman to understand. The following languages only sound slightly different because of the diverse ethnic interactions they have encountered in geographical localities its speakers find themselves. Because of this form of dispersion there results a form of linguistic stratigraphy of sorts making Si Sotho, Si Tswana, SiPedi, SiKololo not so different and of which LOZI also happens to be a variant. Are you alright thus far Bo Lisulo? Come on then, do not look so stupefied you have to catch up now. This is not Infinitesimal calculus relax! Silozi or our version of SiSotho has over the years become modified by languages spoken by people who once hailed from Angola and Congo but are now proud inhabitants of Barotseland. Therefore, Basutholand and Barotseland have unbreakable cultural ties, period.Bo Imasiku Sibitwane, with your permission my brother,kindly allow me to ask Bo LISULO if he has the brains God gave a flee(Ok, this is not exactly civil of me to say so I take it back.) you see my current problem is I am at me wits end for I know not whether to joke or be as serious and candid as possible as he may be our Lost brother after all. It is just that I relished the idea of spicing up the point in a courser way. The question to him is,” What language it is or where does he think the Sibitwane in your name comes from?” Like I always say,” The beauty with HISTORY is no matter how hard you try you can NEVER ever change it, unless of course you invented a Time Machine.” Like My favourite reggae poet says, “Search your History and it will show, if you know not from whence you came you are doomed to live in shame.” – Mutabaruka (The greatest radical poet alive, well by my reckoning of course).Have you ever wondered why Barotses are so different? Not better, just culturally different. You Zambians have on countless number of times openly chosen to insult the Zambian Head of State, only material written to the editors in your local tabloids that is carnal and insolent gets preference for publication thus you continuously disrespect the President for the outside world to see and hear, even your young children and marketeers on the streets disrespect him because you celebrate news publications that insult him is such a vile fashion. You have allowed your opinions and reasoning to be shaped by these news papers. It is truly sad in our Barotseland we can never do what you do even when we grossly disagree with the way we are governed as Barotseland. We have channels of respectfully airing our disapproval and seeking redress for most contentious issues. Occasionally though, even our tempers do run high but our better and cultured nature quickly takes over to sober us up. I guess in the end its what makes us who we are,Proud Barotses. TRUTH sure does have this nasty piecing sensation to the ear, does it not my dear sire?While you celebrate your ceremonies the way you do by smearing yourselves in charcoal ash and your wise chiefs drink goat blood, we do not. It is alright, I guess. Hey, which reminds me, Bo Lisulo did you see chief Macha in one of your daily tabloids really ‘struggling’ to fit in and look dignified in the presence of True Royal Splendor? He did look very nice actually. Most honest Zambians have conceded that while they have chiefs what we have as Barotseland is a line of Kings (Litungas) of which the current one is His Royal Highness The Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II. When our Kings usually travel to Buckingham Palace and other Royal residences around the world they are duly received and acknoledged as such. I just thought I could interest with some piece of Royal trivia.As for whether Bo Lisulo is Tonga or a lost brother is something left to conjecture. My wildest guess tells me he could most certainly be a ‘Cuban’ on this I could bet my white African teeth. You know, neither Tonga nor Lozi that kind of thing. For I can not embrace his logic and reasoning as it is so unBarotse-like and I do not want to think of him as Tonga (Tribal cousin)because my brothers are quite brilliant, well the few of them I have had the pleasure of making an acquaintance of.Truth be told, We are BAROTSELAND FOREVER, choke on that. You can inform your shushushu relatives to follow me, but know this today; some of us are beyond intimidation. Even if it came to me stopping a bullet. Zambia shall unite the day WE stop hiding these TRUTHS from the citizenry.This is why when Barotses go to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho we can freely speak SiLOZI and our brothers understand us without much trouble. Guess who I support when South Africa National football team is playing zambia, with what you call your ‘National’ team? Yes, you are smart after all, you guessed it, it’s a No brainer.Did you know that Channel Africa as a Radio station has a slot that features SiLozi through and through? It is embarrassing to learn that some Mushoooota misinformation government official character once protested to Channel Africa, rather unsuccessfully am glad to add, to cancel SiLozi from this station and replace it with what they thought was a language spoken more in zambia. The South Africans explained that we share more historical ties with Barotseland than he knew. Do you know that when you speak some of these dialects you have, in South Africa the locals there reach to safe guard their wallets!In ending, may I share this universal thought, “Truth crushed to earth shall rise again from the Root, for the Eternal years of God are Hers. But Error, wounded, writhes in pain and dies among its worshipers.”You are right Bo Imasiku Sibitwane when you said to Bo Lisulo,
“Come home son, come, our arms are open for you!”
Before your remaining brains wane off completely. Am actually looking forward to meeting you in person of this am confident as I believe and strongly so that, “There is order in the Cosmos”
Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle


BAROTSELAND BAROTSE, a people and country of South Central Africa. The greater part of the country is a British protectorate, forming part of Rhodesia. The Barotse are the paramount tribe in the region of the Upper Zambezi basin, but by popular usage the name is also applied to contiguous subject tribes, Barotseland being the country over which the Barotse paramount chief exercises authority. The present article treats (1) of the people, (2) of the country, (3) of the establishment of the British protectorate and of subsequent developments.

1. The Barotse. - These people, originally known as Aalui, have occupied the extensive plain through which the Zambezi passes from 14° 35' S. to 16° 25' S. throughout the reigns of twenty-two successive paramount chiefs and therefore approximately since the commencement of the 17th century. Previously, for an indefinite period, they dwelt on the Kabompo river, 200 m. to the N.E. of their present country, and here the descendants of a section of the tribe which did not migrate still remain, under the name Balokwakwa (men of the ambuscade), formerly known as Aalukolui. That the Barotse at a still more remote period emigrated from the far north-east is indicated by vague tradition as well as by a certain similarity in type and language to some tribes living in that direction, though the fact that natives from Mashonaland can understand those at Lialui (the Barotse capital) has led to the assumption by some writers that the Barotse are an offshoot of the Mashona. The variety in type among the Mashona and the homogeneity of the Barotse would rather point to an opposite conclusion.

Early in the 19th century a section of the Basuto tribe known as Makololo trekked from the south of what is now the Orange River Colony and fought their way through Bechuanaland and the Kalahari to the land of the Barotse, whom they ultimately subdued. Their chief, Sebituane, who as an administrator and general was far in advance of his compeers, established the rule of his house for some forty years, until about 1865 an organized rebellion of the Barotse led to the almost complete extinction of this Makololo oligarchy and the reinstatement of the original dynasty. It was the Makololo who gave the Barotse their present name (Rotse, plain - Burotse, country of the plain - Murotse, man of the plain - Marotse, people of the plain, the latter being inaccurately rendered Barotse, Ba being the equivalent of Ma in certain other languages) .

The Barotse proper are comparatively few in number, but as is inferred from the fact that for many generations they have held in sway a country two and a half times the size of Great Britain, they are the intellectual and physical superiors of the vast majority of the negro races of Africa. Very black, tall in stature, deep in chest and comparatively speaking refined in feature, a Barotse is readily distinguishable amidst a mixed group of natives. Being numerically small they form an oligarchy in which, with few exceptions, each man holds rank in a chieftainship of which there are three grades. Next to the chiefs rank their descendants who have not themselves acquired chief's rank and hold an intermediate position as freeborn; all others, whether members of the subject-tribes or prisoners of war, being, up to 1906, mere slaves. This class was also graded. Slaves might own slaves who in their turn might own slaves, the highest grade always being directly responsible to some Barotse chief. As a reward of gallantry or ability the paramount chief occasionally conferred chief's rank on individuals not of Barotse birth, and these ipso facto assumed the name and privileges of the Barotse. It was a counterpart of the feudal system of Europe in which every grade from king to serf found a place. In 1906 the paramount chief, by proclamation, abolished the state of slavery, an act which, however, left untouched the predominant position of the Barotse and their rights to chieftainship. The paramount chief shares with a queen (Mokwai) his authority and prerogatives. The Mokwai is not the wife but the eldest sister of the ruling chief. With his death her privileges lapse. Theoretically, these co-rulers are equal, neither may promulgate a national decree without the assent of the other, but each has a capital town, councillors and absolute authority in a province, the two having joint authority over all other provinces. In their code of laws the Barotse show an advance on the standard of probably any other African negro state. By right, an accused chief is tried by his peers, each of whom in rotation from junior to senior gives his verdict, after which the president reports the finding of the court to the paramount chief, who passes sentence. As to their religious beliefs the Barotse imagine the sun to be the embodiment of a great god whose sole care is for the amelioration of man. Him they worship, though more pains are taken to appease evil spirits, in whose existence they also believe, to whom every evil to which man is heir is attributed.

The spirits of ancestors - especially of deceased chiefs - are also objects of worship. Christianity, of a Protestant evangelical type, was first introduced into the country in 1884 by Francois Coillard and has made some progress among the people, among the converts being Letia, eldest son and heir of Lewanika, the paramount chief.

2. Barotseland. - This term includes, in the sense of the country in which the authority of the paramount Barotse chief is acknowledged, not only the lands of the Barotse proper, but the territory of fifteen contiguous and subject tribes. This vast territory extends approximately from the Kwito river in the west to the Kafue river in the east, and from the CongoZambezi watershed in the north to the Linyante of Kwando river and Zambezi in the south, and may be divided into three groups :- (a) Central provinces directly administered by the paramount chief from the capital Lialui (a town on the Zambezi), by the Mokwai from Nalolo; and by two chiefs of the blood from Sesheke; (b) Outlying provinces over which, in the absence of a central local system of government, Barotse chiefs administer districts under the direction of the paramount chief; and (c) Tribes over which the local chiefs are permitted to retain their position subject to the payment of annual tribute and to their doing homage in person at Lialui when called upon to do so. With the publication of the king of Italy's award in 1905 in the Anglo-Portuguese Barotse Boundary dispute (see below), the term Barotseland may be said to have acquired a second meaning. By this award the western and part of the northern section of Barotseland as described above were declared to be outside the dominion of the paramount chief and therefore not in the British sphere of influence, while tribal boundaries were complicated by the introduction of a longitudinal and latitudinal frontier. Though this award altered the political boundaries, ethnologically Barotseland remains much as above described. The area of the country under British protection is about 182,000 sq. m.

Excluding the ridge of high ground running east and west which, culminating at a height of 5000 ft., forms the CongoZambezi water-parting, the extreme east (Batoka) and the district in the immediate vicinity of the Victoria Falls throughout which, with local variations, a red laterite clay predominates, the main physical features of Barotseland may be described as a series of heavy white sand undulations covered with subtropical forest vegetation. These are intersected by alluviumcharged valleys through which streams and rivers flow inwards towards the central basin of the Upper Zambezi. There is evidence that this has at one time been the site of a large lake. These valleys, which towards the close of the wet season become inundated, afford rich cattle pasture, the succulence of which prevents cattle losing condition towards the end of the dry season, as is the case in many parts of Africa. There seems to be little or no indication of mineral wealth in the white sand area, but in the north and east there is not only every prospect of a great agricultural and pastoral future but also of considerable mining development. Though basalt predominates in the neighbourhood of the Victoria Falls and large fields of granite crop up on the Batoka plateau and elsewhere, there is every indication of the existence of useful minerals in these districts. Gold, copper, tin, lead, zinc and iron have been discovered.
Much of the area of Barotseland is within the healthy zone, the healthiest districts being the Batoka and Mashikolumbwe plateaus in the east with extreme altitudes of 4400 and 4150 ft. respectively, and the line of the Congo-Zambezi watershed which rises to 5000 ft. in many places. The Zambezi valley from the Victoria Falls (3000 ft.) to the Kabompo confluence (3500 ft.), though involving little or no risk to health to the traveller, cannot be considered suitable for white settlement. Taking into consideration the relative value of altitude to latitude, the plateauland of Barotseland compares very favourably with existing conditions elsewhere, being several degrees more temperate than would be expected. Approximately the mean III. 14 a maximum and minimum temperatures stand at 80 0 and 55° F. respectively, with an extreme range of 100 to 35° and a mean annual temperature of 68° to 70°. The rainfall varies according to district from 22 to 32 in. a year and has shown extraordinary stability. Since 1884, the first year in which a record was taken by Francois Collard, Barotseland has known no droughts, though South Africa has suffered periodically in this respect.
The Zambezi, as would be expected, forms a definite boundary line in the distribution of many species of fauna and flora. In these respects, as well as from an ethnological standpoint, Barotseland essentially belongs not to South but to Central Africa. The great river has also served to prevent the spread from South Africa into Barotseland of such disastrous cattle diseases as tick fever and lung sickness.

3. The Establishment of British Suzerainty. - By the charter granted to the British South Africa Company in October 1889, the company was allowed to establish its rule in the regions north of the Middle Zambezi not included in the Portuguese dominions, and by a treaty of the 11th of June 1891 between Great Britain and Portugal it was declared that the Barotse kingdom was within the British sphere of influence. The dispute between the contracting powers as to what were the western limits of Barotseland was eventually referred to the arbitration of the king of Italy, who by his award of the 30th of May 1905, fixed the frontier at the Kwando river as far north as 22° E., then that meridian up to the 13° S., which parallel it follows as far east as 24° E., and then that meridian to the Belgian Congo frontier. In the meantime the British South Africa Company had entered into friendly relations with Lewanika, the paramount chief of the Barotse, and an administrator was appointed on behalf of the company to reside in the country. A native police force under the command of a British officer was raised and magistrates and district commissioners appointed. In the internal affairs of the Barotse the company did not interfere, and the relations between the British and Barotse have been uniformly friendly. The pioneers of Western civilization were not, however, the agents of the Chartered Company, but missionaries. F. S. Arnot, an Englishman, spent two years in the country (1882-1884) and in 1884 a mission, fruitful of good results, was established by the Societe des Missions Evangeliques de Paris. Its first agent was Francois Coillard (1834-1904), who had previously been engaged in mission work in Basutoland and who devoted the rest of his life to the Barotse. Though always an admirer of British institutions and anxious that the country should ultimately fall under British jurisdiction, Coillard in the interests of his mission was in the first instance anxious to delay the advent of white men into the country. It was contrary to his advice that Lewanika petitioned the "Great White Queen" to assume a protectorate over his dominions, but from the moment Great Britain assumed responsibility and the advance of European civilization became inevitable, all the influence acquired by Coillard's exceptional personal magnetism and singleness of purpose was used to prepare the way for the extension of British rule. Only those few pioneers who knew the Barotse under the old conditions can fully realise what civilization and England owe to the co-operation of this high-minded Frenchman.

Under the Chartered Company's rule considerable progress has been made in the development of the resources of the country, especially in opening up the mining districts in the north. The seat of the administration, Kalomo, is on the "Cape to Cairo" railway, about midway between the Zambezi and Kafue rivers. The railway reached the Broken Hill copper mines, 110 m. N. of the Kafue in 1906, and the Belgian Congo frontier in 1910. From Lobito Bay in Portuguese West Africa a railway was being built in 1909 which would connect with the main line near the Congo frontier. This would not only supply Barotseland with a route to the sea alternative to the Beira and Cape Town lines, but while reducing the land route by many hundred miles would also supply a seaport outlet 1700 m. nearer England than Cape Town and thus create a new and more rapid mail route to southern Rhodesia and the Transvaal. The Zambezi also, with Kebrabasa as its one bar to navigation between Barotseland and the sea, will supply a cheap line of communication. (See RHODESIA.) See David Livingstone, Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa (London, 1857); Major Serpa Pinto, How I crossed Africa (London, 1881); F. Coillard, On the Threshold of Central Africa (London, 1897); Major A. St H. Gibbons, Exploration and Hunting in Central Africa (London, 1898), Africa South to North through Marotseland (London, 1904); "Journeys in Marotseland," Geographical Journal, 1897; "Travels in the Upper Zambezi Basin," Geographical Journal, 1901; A. Bertrand, Aux pays des Barotse, haut Zambeze (Paris, 1898); Col. Colin Harding, In Remotest Barotseland (London, 1905); C. W. Mackintosh, Coillard of the Zambesi (London, 1907), with a bibliography; L. Decle, Three Years in Savage Africa (London, 1898). Consult also the annual reports of the British South Africa Company, published in London. (A. ST H. G.)

SOURCE: Classic Encyclopedia

Friday, June 11, 2010


By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama

First and foremost may I express my saddest condolences to the families of all those martyrs who were slaughtered in international waters by the jewish state ordered killers. On behalf of all Palestinians and the peace loving world we salute all those involved in this humanitarian effort and to those who were murdered we will thank you forever for your sacrifice which will be remembered and rewarded some day. I suggest these people who were executed be internationally honored and recognized as people who were killed by a murderous regime for a just Cause.

Perhaps the question that begs the American public to consider and which they will do well to ask themselves is that, in light of the latest action or display of Israeli evil, Is the Zionist Jewish state of Israel a strategic liability or a strategic asset? How many American soldiers risking their lives in foreign lands still think they are furthering American interests abroad but sadly are now ever more in harms-way due to Israeli actions? Do these patriotic young men and women know that technically they inadvertently fight not for America but for Israeli interests? This is the worst travesty and falsehood the American public has allowed itself to live with, but for how long? How many Americans actually now also think like Hellen Thomas but are afraid to express their views openly. I wonder why she was pressured into apologizing if what she said is what she truly believes and thinks. Whatever became of the famed American society where freedom of expression abounds? Pretty soon we will be seeing more and more honest and really brave Americans with the moral decency come out to free themselves from the unholy yoke with Israel that will and has left America blood guilty forever. The moral compass of America has died due to its public’s morbid fear of the anti-Semitic tag whenever they criticize their ‘eternal’ strategic liability that Israel will soon prove to be.

The 9/11 of September butchery of American citizens which ‘THEY’ schemed and which successfully led to the oustering and murder of a leader of a free and sovereign Iraq so as to please the Jewish Zionist state as they considered him a threat.

The unintelligent and gullible skull and Bones Bush, probably hell-bent on fulfilling his secret society-style promise or vow to finish up on what the father failed to achieve, went ahead with the hanging of Saddam Hussein on a tramped up and frivolous pretext. This was without a doubt your Annus Horribilis. Do you Bush, think the world stage is a western movie being shot at your Texas ranch where you can wantonly go about hanging and shooting people at will? All the facts and accurate data was availed him, but sadly falsified intelligence information also crept in and was presented to him. The result was a lie he undoubtedly fell for hook, line, sinker and floater! His hands are blood stained forever. Just now they maybe on the drawing board to again plot how they can manufacture an incident which is to act as a Jus ad bellum so as to rid themselves of a Nuclear Iran and its revolutionary leader. The sponsored insurrection which manifested itself as mass street riots by demon(cratised) and brainwashed university students protests and the opposition(western cultural surrogates) failed to achieve their goal of Iranians themselves unseating Mahmoud from power.
Long Live the Iranian Revolution!!!
When the world constantly complains about these diabolical actions of the Zionist Jewish state of israel they should always remember that It is only the visionary Hitler, The Fuhrer whose philosophy the world never gave time to understand ,who foresaw the jewish deeds and what a pain they would later become in the world. Hitler’s thinking was driven by a clear insight into what people he was dealing with and what their plans were in the modern world. As Adolf Hitler himself wrote in Chapter 2 (Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna) of his bestselling book, ‘Mein Kampf’,

“The development was accelerated by insights which I gained into a number of other matters. I am referring to the general view of ethics and morals which was quite openly exhibited by a large part of the Jews, and the practical application of which could be seen. Here again the streets provided an object lesson of a sort which was sometimes positively evil. But then a flame flared up within me. I no longer avoided discussion of the Jewish question; no, now I sought it. And when I learned to look for the Jew in all branches of cultural and artistic life and its various manifestations, I suddenly encountered him in a place where I would least have expected to find him. When I recognized the Jew as the leader of the Social Democracy, the scales dropped from my eyes. A long soul struggle had reached its conclusion.”

If The Jewish Problem is still questionable, I would strongly recommend a thorough research into the agenda of the global Brotherhood of the Illuminati and their steady gallop towards a New World Order. To have a head start, I further urge the reader to look up on The Complete Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion first published in Russia by Sergyei Nilus in 1905. This should be coupled with The Truth About The Talmud By Michael Hoffman, foremost scholar of Judaism in the English-speaking world. This is a documented Exposé of Jewish racist Hate Literature.

When this is done, it may shed a great amount of light on the invisible hand behind the dealings of the global banking corporations and consequently assist one understand how many governments are puppets to these elders and which states actively push the agenda of these secret societies without their people knowing. We have to now look towards the current crop of leaders that seem to have warded off the negative bullish and hawkish behavior of Israel and its western backers. This is why Ahmadinejad speaking at a press conference said,

“The devilish sound of the uncultured Zionists was coming out from their deceit... They were holding up the flag of the devil itself.” The flotilla raid, Ahmadinejad said, “has actually rung the final countdown for its [Israel’s] existence. It shows that it has no room in the region and no one is ready to live alongside it. Actually, no country in the world recognizes it, and you know that the Zionist regime is the backbone of the dictatorial world order.” “On one side, you can see the pure feelings of the love to the almighty God, love to humanity, love to peace and security and freedom – and the feeling to help each other, to have compassion towards each other,” said Mr. Ahmadinejad. “On the other side, we could see evil forces, violence, hatred, war, captivity, and the devil’s outcry from the throats of the uncultured Zionists. Lies. Deceptions. Deceitful tactics and impurity. And in fact, this side was raising the flag of Satan.”

This, for the uninitiated, is the Israeli national flag, bearing one of the most powerful symbols in Satanic Masonic Judaism. It is the so called ‘Star of David' which was repeatedly used by the Masonic King Solomon. One of the most sensitive issues with which secular Israelis and many Messianic Christians struggle is the Hexagram on the flag of the modern state of Israel. Satanists recognize this symbol as one of their favorites, and most powerful, i.e., The Hexagram. However, secular Jews and many Messianic Christians insist that this symbol is not a hexagram, but is the "Star of David". Such apologists also insist that the symbol has to be all right, because King Solomon was the one who selected the symbol. The House of Rothschild was the moving force, both politically and financially, behind the original Zionist movement of Jews back to the land of Israel. The Satanic Illuminist, Rothschild, began the Zionist Movement in 1896, funded the agitation through 1948 to get Israel re-established back in the land, and has owned the leadership of Israel up to the current day. To see the reality of this fact, you only need to examine Israel's flag, the most Satanic of all symbols, The Hexagram.

Why is there so much fuss about Iran’s nuclear activity even if they are building weapons which are in the end meant to act as a deterrent against rogue states like Israel? Does not Israel itself have one of the top four most deadly arsenals of nuclear weapons at Dimona? Shall we ask Mordecai Vinunu again? Why should Iran not have them also? I have always been suspicious of those earth tremors or quakes that occur and continue to rock the southern parts of Iran because they may well be man-made and meant to destroy any suspected underground nuclear facilities. So as to maintain their monopoly of these weapons in the region.If you asked me, i think it is very dangerous to have them in israeli hands judging from their behaviour in the region and around the world. If India and Pakistan were welcomed into the growing nuclear family why not Iran? I strongly believe Iran’s leader has vowed to rid this world of insidious tyranny from the Zionist state solely because of its actions in the Middle East and its continued de-humanisation of Palestinians in their own land. It should be stated in no uncertain terms that if Israeli community does not check the stubborn behavior of the Benjamin Netanyahu premiership this world will quickly move closer to a dangerous end which will make the fabled inter-stellar, inter-galactic apocalyptic cataclysm seem like a kindergarten fireworks display! we may have to brace ourselves for a major 'Mushroom Cloud' in the 21st century!

So the world is paying for their ignoring Adolf Hitler, one of the most inspirational leaders of our modern time. Sadly , instead of being glorified, the world ended up criminalizing and demonizing him. He was never given a fair platform to properly make the world appreciate what he saw befalling humanity. The jewish run and owned Holly Wood movie industry and the mainstream american media networks acting as a propaganda machinery has been complicit in glorifying jewry and their repulsive actions. It reminds me of the exaggeration of the incident at Entebbe in Uganda. This like many scenarios or incidents grossly misrepresented the truth so as to bring to the fore the utter falsehood that is Israeli invincibility in battle. The Hezbo’allah of Lebanon now know better and the world saw for themselves when they had an encounter with the Zionists at the battle front. The exaggeration of the intellect of 'Saint' Albert Einstein and his plagiarised work on Theory of Relativity is another example of how jewry has been carefully packaged and served to the world so as to elicit global awe for all things jewish. They have further sought to take this pitiful step by elevating and drumming the holocaust into the consciences of ordinary thinking minds. The awful result has been that when it comes to Israel’s evil actions, the world’s collective morality and objectivity have been effectively anaesthetized into shocking dormancy.

The slave trade lasted for a long time and many multiple decked ships were loaded full of slaves. During the abolition almost entire slave ships would be jettisoned of their cargo fearing the patrol ships of the British who were the first to realize that slavery was no longer profitable and had begun enforcing the ban in trade in human. This process of off loading their slaves into the high seas went on for a long time only records were not kept. Well, come on then Namakando what is your point you ask?

Human beings are the same, there is no one human race above the other unless you believe what you read in the bible that the jews are god’s special people(the apple of his eye)which again tells you God is impartial; Other deaths are promoted more than others to what end? Disagreeing wish jewish actions no matter how gruesome is called Anti-Semitism!!!! I do not want to evoke images from the killing fields of Cambodia under the reign of the Khmer rouge under the banner of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, lines of skulls at the Murambi genocide memorial Rwanda, millions and millions of negrescent (Afrikan) brothers and sisters who died and jettisoned off ships on the high seas during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, but to make this point necessitates this endeavor. The above people were all killed and died but are not spoken of the same way.

Kindly take time to look at these materials.
The protocols of the learned elders of Zion (kindly google search it)
The Holly Wood propaganda machinery that is owned and controlled by them
The vast media institutions owned and controlled by them

Please spare us and deal with a problem you allowed to fester. The real cause for the israeli raid and cold blooded murder of unarmed, defenseless volunteers on a Gaza bound humanitarian aid flotilla and the many evil deeds in the middle east and around world are now there for all to see. Israel will forever continue to behave in this evil manner because its actions are bolstered by the support they always receive from the US and other western imperialist’s friends. The fact that by its very nature this godless apartheid Zionist state is blatantly racist and the sooner the world realizes this the better for us all.

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." -- Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983. Nobel Prize Winner for...Peace!).
The current Israeli population is comprised mostly of white (Caucasian) immigrant jews from Germany, US and eastern Europe(The Baltic states) where they suffered discrimination on account of their very nature of being. This segregation is the one they exported and inflict on Palestinians and other JEWS or Israelis of a much darker skin hue. These separatists are mostly jews of the Ashkenazi type and are not so religious because they hail from societies that are by and large secular and modeled around agnostic and atheistic ideologies. The German National Socialists never referred to themselves as Nazis.The word "Nasi" as in AshkeNAZI refers to a "prince of Jewry". "Nasi," meaning "prince" of Jewry, was the title given the head of the Sanhedrin court, which meted out life and death under Talmudic law.Marxism, to which all branches of Socialism necessarily adhere, was originated by Jew Karl Marx, himself of Rabbinical descent and has been dominated by them from the beginning. Marx did not actually originate anything, but merely “streamlined” Talmudism for Gentile consumption. It should not be a surprise therefore when they display callousness of this magnitude, they are godless Illuminati descendants. Now contrast this type with the other type of jew called Sephardic. These are at peace living with Palestinians and all other ethnic groups within the Land of Palestine because they are more godly and religious and their nature more peaceable. The world should strive to make this distinction if they are to fully comprehend the Jewish Question. Of course, what should be accepted is that within these divides there may lie those extremely rare exceptions were there are Ashkenazi jews who are more humane, practicing old time religion and thus more godly and accommodating.

The position of Israel and its actions in the modern world should be collectively addressed as a real and current threat to world security. If we continue to ignore these truths which are self evident we will only have ourselves to blame as they are trading on thin ice. Let Russia, China, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, North Korea, Libya, Africa and other nations continue to be independent thinkers and consequently band together and bring sanity to the modern world. This they can achieve by using their resources and combined moral consciousness to correct the ills being perpetrated by this rogue state and their backers. not doing this will be costly for us all.
This brings to mind these wise words, “The only thing we learn from history is that we do not learn from history."

But One day, just one day, hopefully soon.......It will be well with us all, so God help us!

“Peace ,Love and Kindness to ALL Men.” – Gauttama Siddatha Buddah’s name be Praised

Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

Thursday, June 3, 2010


By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama

Yet again we are faced with an event or opportunity to redeem ourselves as a continent and show the rest of the world how far we have come in terms of our advancement in footballing skills. The quadrennial event that is the football world cup is such an event. It is saddening to note that as a continent we have rarely ever taken the trouble of strategically analyzing and monitoring the progress or the total lack of it, by our respective teams in this global event. Granted, that each African representative at this show piece is a potential winner and thus any attempts at having these countries come up with a unified effort at bettering their overall performance, may be looked at with a mix of scorn and suspicions of collusion. The situation where the whole continent has failed to produce consistent finalists say up to quarter finals and beyond is to say the least unacceptable. Memories of one world cup competition where Romario was the only Brazilian striker receiving an aerial cross into the six yard box with eight towering and clamoring African defenders from an ‘indomitable’ side and despite this Amazonian being largely vertically disadvantaged , him ending up scoring several times with relative ease left me with a shock of my life. My spirits had hit rock bottom and I had started digging .The main characteristic feature of most African football teams is where once in a while they have actually been known to sneak in a few goals but the problem comes about because they have more often than not miserably failed to hang onto their lead long enough.

It must be noted though that over time, most African teams are no longer plagued with that all too embarrassing aspect of having teams boycott competitions on account monies owed to players or promised allowances undelivered. It is indeed heart- warming that even preparatory matches for major tournaments such as these have become better organized and given the serious attention they require.

What used to happen was disgraceful to say the least it reminds of that incident when some team of very hardworking ‘footballers’ just ended up getting a paltry 8% increment on the already small allowances after their team captains and representatives had some clandestine meeting heaven knows where, the results of which are as it were completely harsh-harsh as they are yet to be de-classified for public consumption!!!! The result of this if anyone remembers, was this particular ‘world’ çup was that that team was severely de-motivated; their energies sapped to dangerous levels and should not be surprising if a team loses matches or failed to reach higher heights in the competition? This is the exact result when priorities are muddled up.

My suggestion is this that, if these footballers sometimes decide to lose track of the importance and full meaning of what is at stake during the football world cup, we remind them. As Africa, we need to have motivational speakers to collectively meet these teams and marshal them so that they remember how many people’s aspirations they carry on the pitch. Once these teams get onto the pitch, for me it is no longer about individual countries from Africa and their progression but the whole continent and in this I believe am not alone. This is finally coming out in the revolutionary concept of Africa United. In South Africa we will all rally behind any African team that plays any other team. Perhaps this in my mind is the only event where you notice Africans truly coming together as one ‘Nation’ united towards a common goal and purpose and not as an economically, ethnically, religiously or politically divided continent. I think it is about time that we got our act together for the sole purpose of winning our self-esteem as a people who are equally endowed with the acumen to physically and mentally exert themselves. If the fact that this time around the contest will be held on the African soil does not inspire them enough then am afraid I do not know what will!

In most international track and field events, am proud to say that as Africans we are unrivalled in achievement but sadly as far as football goes we seem to always play second fiddle to our European and South American counterparts. The leaving out or failure to qualify by the Pharaohs who are African champions was one of the major blows ever dealt to us. They, by my reckoning, presented the best chance that Africa had of ever winning this competition. To this effect, I would also want to understand the reasoning behind having only 5 countries from a continent of 53 countries whereas Europe with relatively fewer countries has more nations represented at the world cup. Revolution me says(No mistake ,that is Jamaican patois for you)!!!!

I have also noticed, although this is largely debatable and thus subject to further verification, that to some extent, I would like to implore the technical bench of these African teams to seriously monitor the agility and physical and mental state of our players. I have always held that our players, especially defenders tend to be too muscular/or overly strong and which to some extent weighs them down when confronted by these mostly leaner and more flexible strikers as they tend to buckle more easily. Most African footballers and I know I will annoy some people here, rely more on physical strength and less on quick witted and sharp mental acumen on the pitch. I have noticed their reaction times are a bit slower and when they do finally react it is too late and probably in very unsafe areas which inevitably results in costly penalties. We should, if we do not already, emphasize the need to engage the services of psychologists in our teams because even when most or some of our players are professionals and are applying their trade outside the continent, when they come to Africa or meet their fellow African players in a competition they seem to lose focus and are shadows of themselves performance-wise.

Am quite aware of the possible reactions that this piece of writing will evoke but I will have to bear it all as am pretty much fed up with the uninspiring and dismal exploits at international football competitions every time we have these competitions.

Well, now that we are only 9 days before the actual kickoff there is not much left to say except quote an adage in our native Se Sotho language that denotes the inevitability and finality of the momentous nature of what is about to come upon the Mother Land . After all is said and done, all I can ever say is, South Africa 2010 World Cup....

‘Ki Na Ko’ which means, ‘It is Time’. It is indeed about Time we achieved greater things as a continent!!!!

Kozo Sicaba Sa Hesu,

Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Barotseland, Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle