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Bo Imasiku Sibitwane (AKA) Sha,
Reading this from Bo Lisulo, now you may know exactly what the late Her Ladyship Gladys Mutukwa meant when she said, "Having very little knowledge is damaging." Consequently, this may explain why zambia will take long to attain any semblance of meaningful development in all areas. For this reason I want to officially withdraw from this august forum especially after seeing that no official invitation was extended to me to begin with. I rather mistakenly thought I would gradually benefit from some pockets of intellectual intercourse hereon from a few individuals who would seriously analyze some pertinent national and personal issues but I guess I was too hopeful. What i have noticed is that there is a greater response to postings or emails that are inclined to the sensually profane and ones that appeal more to the waist down wards rather than exciting my cranial department. I was almost excusing myself from this forum, because my brain is very small and am particularly wary of what i feed it with. My brain cells were even beginning to suffer from a rare form of cerebral degeneracy.In retrospect, however I have since resolved that it is our mission as BAROTSES i believe, to rid Zambians and the world of self imposed ignorance on certain matters of great import so as to foster genuine national unity. This is in contrast to the current situation where we just pretend and ignore burning issues brewing under foot. There has been several constitution review commissions that have been held but all have regrettably failed to address this issue conclusively. It really saddens me when grown members of the Homo sapien species willingly decide not to know or not believe or not understand material presented to them in so clear a manner because of their inability to comprehend.When I furnished them with a copy of The Barotseland Agreement 1964 I was rather naively hoping they would be schooled in the art Logical Thought and Reasoning which should serve to help them appreciate what led to their country’s founding. The discerning mind will realize that this Document is the only basis there is for MALOZI to be called Zambians and it is the only thing that will truly reconcile Malozi to the entity called zambia. Is it that important you ask? You betcha! This is a very important document that SHOULD unite ‘us’ as ‘ZAMBIANS’. I would like anyone who sees anything seditious and treasonable about it to write to me, clearly highlighting which parts these are. What Malozi have been belabouring to explain to Zambians with little success is that this document MUST be respected or RESTORED for us to be truly united as a people in a united zambia because as Barotseland we ARE and were a Nation with a National Anthem, National FLAG and National Dress code even before zambia was born take me to court for this if what I have said is a piece of historical inaccuracy .I do challenge thee this very minute!Since we signed it,rather unfortunately, what it means is we must , may or can only co-exist in accordance with the clauses and terms enshrined therein. Long years of passed on misinformation and scary ignorance has perpetrated a totally wrong and incorrect notion about the intentions of Barotse nationals. Mr. Lisulo and many like him, ought to have appreciated this fact by now but NO this is what he writes back, “You lozi chaps- can you stop using a derogatory and colonial term such as Barotseland !!!!!!!!!!! You chaps must know that this term was started by the stupid British colonialists after they failed to pronounce ba-lozi. And do you chaps want WP to be a state ?????? With all the sand there ????????? Guys be serious !!!!!!!BAROTSELAND is the name of our homeland Forever! Choke on that if you may. The ROTSE in Barotseland is our SOTHO language which means PLAIN. So Barotseland is simply “PEOPLE OF THE PLAIN as in BAROTSE PLAINS. Contrary to the way Mr.Lisulo wants to mislead the untaught Zambian masses, it was NEVER suggested by what he calls ‘stupid’ British Colonialists. Guess who is S-T-U-P-I-D Now? May this gentleman know and hopefully realise that the original inhabitants of Barotseland (Aluyana) spoke and speak Siluyana or (kwangwa) may the always enlightened Barotses please correct me where I may over embellish the truth as unlikely as it may be of course.I want to say this to Mr.Lisulo in as plain a language as I can possibly muster for the gentleman to understand. The following languages only sound slightly different because of the diverse ethnic interactions they have encountered in geographical localities its speakers find themselves. Because of this form of dispersion there results a form of linguistic stratigraphy of sorts making Si Sotho, Si Tswana, SiPedi, SiKololo not so different and of which LOZI also happens to be a variant. Are you alright thus far Bo Lisulo? Come on then, do not look so stupefied you have to catch up now. This is not Infinitesimal calculus relax! Silozi or our version of SiSotho has over the years become modified by languages spoken by people who once hailed from Angola and Congo but are now proud inhabitants of Barotseland. Therefore, Basutholand and Barotseland have unbreakable cultural ties, period.Bo Imasiku Sibitwane, with your permission my brother,kindly allow me to ask Bo LISULO if he has the brains God gave a flee(Ok, this is not exactly civil of me to say so I take it back.) you see my current problem is I am at me wits end for I know not whether to joke or be as serious and candid as possible as he may be our Lost brother after all. It is just that I relished the idea of spicing up the point in a courser way. The question to him is,” What language it is or where does he think the Sibitwane in your name comes from?” Like I always say,” The beauty with HISTORY is no matter how hard you try you can NEVER ever change it, unless of course you invented a Time Machine.” Like My favourite reggae poet says, “Search your History and it will show, if you know not from whence you came you are doomed to live in shame.” – Mutabaruka (The greatest radical poet alive, well by my reckoning of course).Have you ever wondered why Barotses are so different? Not better, just culturally different. You Zambians have on countless number of times openly chosen to insult the Zambian Head of State, only material written to the editors in your local tabloids that is carnal and insolent gets preference for publication thus you continuously disrespect the President for the outside world to see and hear, even your young children and marketeers on the streets disrespect him because you celebrate news publications that insult him is such a vile fashion. You have allowed your opinions and reasoning to be shaped by these news papers. It is truly sad in our Barotseland we can never do what you do even when we grossly disagree with the way we are governed as Barotseland. We have channels of respectfully airing our disapproval and seeking redress for most contentious issues. Occasionally though, even our tempers do run high but our better and cultured nature quickly takes over to sober us up. I guess in the end its what makes us who we are,Proud Barotses. TRUTH sure does have this nasty piecing sensation to the ear, does it not my dear sire?While you celebrate your ceremonies the way you do by smearing yourselves in charcoal ash and your wise chiefs drink goat blood, we do not. It is alright, I guess. Hey, which reminds me, Bo Lisulo did you see chief Macha in one of your daily tabloids really ‘struggling’ to fit in and look dignified in the presence of True Royal Splendor? He did look very nice actually. Most honest Zambians have conceded that while they have chiefs what we have as Barotseland is a line of Kings (Litungas) of which the current one is His Royal Highness The Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II. When our Kings usually travel to Buckingham Palace and other Royal residences around the world they are duly received and acknoledged as such. I just thought I could interest with some piece of Royal trivia.As for whether Bo Lisulo is Tonga or a lost brother is something left to conjecture. My wildest guess tells me he could most certainly be a ‘Cuban’ on this I could bet my white African teeth. You know, neither Tonga nor Lozi that kind of thing. For I can not embrace his logic and reasoning as it is so unBarotse-like and I do not want to think of him as Tonga (Tribal cousin)because my brothers are quite brilliant, well the few of them I have had the pleasure of making an acquaintance of.Truth be told, We are BAROTSELAND FOREVER, choke on that. You can inform your shushushu relatives to follow me, but know this today; some of us are beyond intimidation. Even if it came to me stopping a bullet. Zambia shall unite the day WE stop hiding these TRUTHS from the citizenry.This is why when Barotses go to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho we can freely speak SiLOZI and our brothers understand us without much trouble. Guess who I support when South Africa National football team is playing zambia, with what you call your ‘National’ team? Yes, you are smart after all, you guessed it, it’s a No brainer.Did you know that Channel Africa as a Radio station has a slot that features SiLozi through and through? It is embarrassing to learn that some Mushoooota misinformation government official character once protested to Channel Africa, rather unsuccessfully am glad to add, to cancel SiLozi from this station and replace it with what they thought was a language spoken more in zambia. The South Africans explained that we share more historical ties with Barotseland than he knew. Do you know that when you speak some of these dialects you have, in South Africa the locals there reach to safe guard their wallets!In ending, may I share this universal thought, “Truth crushed to earth shall rise again from the Root, for the Eternal years of God are Hers. But Error, wounded, writhes in pain and dies among its worshipers.”You are right Bo Imasiku Sibitwane when you said to Bo Lisulo,
“Come home son, come, our arms are open for you!”
Before your remaining brains wane off completely. Am actually looking forward to meeting you in person of this am confident as I believe and strongly so that, “There is order in the Cosmos”
Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Central Africa
“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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