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By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama, B.Sc Forestry,BAHRM

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The Age of High-Tech sports is definately here,'no one can halt its march it is as inexonerable as the very passage of time.


I have observed with bewilderment how football coaches get obsessed with the game while on touchline or bench. Their passion can be explained in several ways. For one, some coaches seem to be young enough to even be the ones playing so that when they see their players fumbling the game plan it just cooks their gander. The other reason could be that they are so scared of loosing because in some leagues that may well decide whether a coach keeps his job or gets the sack. Therefore, this is why they scream so loudly off the bench.

The trouble is that they are rarely ever heard despite their dramatic screaming and endless gesturing because the players are too busy focusing on the game. This again goes to show that the coaching done at the training pitch during the practice sessions is scarcely enough as the opposing teams come up with different strategies that eventually it inevitably calls for an immediate revision of their pre-game plan. These screams from the coaches are so important that they have sometimes made the difference between scoring or conceding a goal and ultimately deciding whether a game is won or lost in the 90 minutes.

The alternative to the Viking like screams from the bellows of their gut would be the use of bullhorns or hailers. This would no doubt be very noisy to the point of sucking out the fun of watching a game. Moreover, any strategic instructions are best heard only by the targeted players not the current situation where even the opponent gets to hear what the other is being told.


The player’s strips should have transmitters fitted on them on the breast part of their jersey. The coaching staff should have a contraption consisting of a panel with a button for each player that is tuned to a specific frequency for each strip. When ever a coach wants to communicate instructions to a player they can be easily and quietly reached by a touch of a button in ‘Star Trek’ fashion! It effectively brings to an end that cumbersome sight of seeing a player ran to the touchline in the middle of a game or the coaches waiting until half time to give those critical tit-bits.

This I hope will go a long way in saving the coaches’ vocal cords from splitting and avoiding unnecessary hassles from the officiating staff for over exuberance and overstepping some line that acts a dotted prison barrier. It would definitely be interesting to hear what FIFA’s take would be on this idea.

Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
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