Tuesday, December 25, 2012


INFORMATION ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITH CRITICAL MINDS. By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Few may have noticed this, but who remembers that the SHAPE of the LOGO for RSZ (Rail Systems of Zambia) was actually a Pentagon with a rail track insert drawn in perspec...tive? Do you know the predominant colors of their company logo were Blue and White? Did you know where the people who were running the company came from? Do you know the Occult significance of the Pentagon? Do you know the nation which has The Star Of David as its National symbol and is even depicted on its flag? Do you know that the Pentagon is at the center of the so called Star of David? Do you know that the citadel of American military might is housed in an edifice of a geometric Pentagon? Have you ever wondered why? The Pentagon building is located in Arlington, Virginia, (just across the Potomac river from Washington DC). If you realize that we are living in the days of Biblical Revelations fulfillment, kindly read Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 and think about it for a minute.Do copy and paste this link in your browsers; ( http://www.hebrewisraelites.org/rev2939.htm) No one now living has ever called themselves Jewish but only the current inhabitants of Palestinian Land, ignoring Balfor Declaration of course! Why these verses are so important to consider is this that these quoted passages of scripture which appear in the very last book of the Bible are revealing a truth which a lot of people have not been aware of. If these be the days when people will have truths revealed to them then we know who the scriptures are refering to ,correct? Are their actions Godly when you look at their treatment of Palestinians?Do copy and paste this link in your browsers; (http://www.angelfire.com/ill/hebrewisrael/printpages/phys.html) The beauty of it all is that it is going contrary to what people may have hitherto known is the biblical truth as to the real identity of original biblical Hebrews/Jews and not those Eastern Europeans immigrants settled in Palestine today.Do copy and paste this link in your browsers; (http://www.hebrewisraelites.org/hebrewism.htm.) Do you now see the world happenings and the events in the Middle East and the world in general in context? Too many people been blinded to certain truths and I feel it is about time you WAKE UP! I find it utterly shocking that you have been in narcoleptic sleep for over 400 years while your heritage has been stolen from right before your very eyes. I know all sorts of adjectives will be heaped on mine head for having had the testicular fortitude of bringing meself to saying all this in an intrepid fashion. I very well know that so-called ‘Anti- Semitism’ has been made criminal in most Schengen countries but is that what it is called now when you disagree with the these people’s actions in the world? Have people developed an almost mind numbing morbid fear of a people self-branded as the apple of god’s eye who have been effectively elevated to the level of demigods? Granted that this expose has pretty much been presented in a disjointed manner but then like I said it was meant for those with critical minds who would sift through the intellectual rubble and get the gist. This material is only for those brave enough individuals who have not accepted to shallow information they have been fed for years hook, line, sinker and rod!

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