Tuesday, December 25, 2012


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama
May truth be told, after all is said and not done, there are some of us who eagerly waited for this world as you know it to END! Yes, just fizzle out by any means necessary. We as humans badly needed a fresh start to things and generally in the manner we have been doing things on this planet. This is partly because of the sodding mess we have found ourselves in as a people, and largely because of what has been our experience on this Big Blue Marble that EARTH is. We as the human race really need to engage the RE-SET button for a lot of reasons. If you saw that captivating music video by the Rock group Linkin Park, “What We Have Done!” then you would probably understand why. So as it was, the day came,we awoke to the disappointingly clear azure sky, with nothing ominous about it save for some nimbus cloud hovering the skies which sent a lot of us agog. This soon gave in to disappointment as only traces of them remained and later to have them all disappear after a slight precipitation. We tried to get an overview assessment of what may have been happening elsewhere in the world from cable television only to be treated to images of a bunch of crackpot New Agers gathered around at Ground Zero of 2012 Dooms Day watchers at The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chich'en Itza in Mexico. They were clad in ragtag apparel while they engaged in some hypnotic humming and ritualistic chanting which almost nauseated me due to the silliness of it all. All in all, if one lesson had been learnt, and it is true it is this that we need to give our Mother, yes, Middle-Earth a little more credit. She has been around for way too long than we have been made to understand for her to just simply vanish for whatever reason. This planet is bound to endure a whole lot longer than earlier thought. This is of course when you wisely choose to ignore even the rantings of religious fanatics or zealots caught up in a feat religious excess about an impending end of the world. What I found really disheartening it must be stated here is how even scientists were also way off in their calculations this time around. Indeed another proof that it does not belong to man who is walking to direct his own steps. The most realistic scenario I orchestrated in my mind about how it was all going to pan out was this that, an over-zealous Netanyahu would get so uneasy and unleash their Zionist nuclear arsenal on the revolutionary Iranian regime as a pre-emptive strike and almost simultaneously cause an already edgy Brother Mahmoud Armedinajad to want try out his hitherto thought ‘non’ existent and yet to be perfected ‘weapons’ which the West still believe no Arab country should be trusted to possess as they are a preserve for the West and other ‘favoured or permitted ’ nations. It would be down-right stupid to do this if you asked me, for look if you suspect I have The Bomb and you choose to bomb me to make sure I do not use it against you! So much for the fabled intellectual brilliance of the Jewry I would say. This is Nuclear Fission we are talking about here people. The resulting Mushroom cloud would trigger a ripple effect which might cause other reactions in neighboring nuclear nations of Pakistan and India. A Synchronized Thermonuclear explosion of this magnitude would release so much energy that there is no telling what would happen to the idle weapons in the former Soviet Republics nearby. The resulting nuclear fall-out would then block out your mid-day sun light and throw the world into pitch black darkness causing untold panic and looting. This , if you recall, is exactly how the Dinosaurs where brought to extinction when a meteorite is believed to have struck earth and a huge dust bow arose which effectively obscured the light from the whole planet and ushering in an Ice Age from the resultant low temperatures. So you see, it was never going to be an inter-stellar or intergalactic, apocalyptic cataclysm of ethereal origins which will cause our own demise as a people. The above scenario if allowed to occur was to me the surest way that this world as we know it would be brought to instant oblivion. It is really sad that a combined Zombie/Vampire invasion has been postponed yet again. This is truly stuff for the box office as I can imagine how Quentin Terantino would have feasted on this event to come up with a blockbuster.

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