Thursday, January 17, 2013


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Kindly join me in saying a BIG NO to the current maneuvers of forcing mobile phone service subscribers to register their Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards. I am of the considered view that we have given up way too much of our privacy already. Therefore, this latest intrusion into our affairs is highly uncalled for. Look, just because South Africa has done it does not mean we all must follow suit. This is Africa, the registered SIMs will merely be used to track down people and political opponents who have divergent views to the established body politique. To the relatively uninitiated these are the initial signs of The Illuminati moves of extending their tentacles into your sleeping quarters if they must and these actions are akin to the micro-chips to be implanted into the nape of your necks or foreheads and the upper right arm. What? So they will ask for my blood group as well, eyes color or the arrangement of nucleotides in my Double Helix DNA molecular structure? This is utterly absurd. The concept of Big Brother always peering into our affairs with that Occultist ALL Seeing Eye of Horis is one that needs to be confronted and opposed. Seeing that am not really up to date with the Rhodesian social calendar, I may be behind a little who is doing this anyway, ‘ZONKTA’? As a timely warning therefore, to all those who lacked the good sense and got my mobile number, wasted their meager phone memory space on their humble phones, but have never used it for calling me, I am afraid as a matter of principle this might be the last chance they have of ever calling me. I have chosen to be off any mobile communication if it ever came to this manner of autocratic Corporate Aggressive Coercion. I will officially be heading to being the typical village boy that I have always known meself to be. Folks will cry on and on until the cows come home but I will choose to be without a phone because, like Sting (Gordon Michael Sumner) aptly put it, strangers are listening in to my transmissions! This will very much be in keeping with my much sought after but yet elusive Minimalist outlook on life. These introductions, It has been stated, that without the micro-chip implant for instance it will be made rather hard for anyone who will not succumb to carry out day to day activities especially in global commerce and trade. The American public has had issue with such matters due to that Health Care Bill which was recently signed into Law by Hussein, who by the way,is very much in league with shadowy elements owing to the agenda he is towing. Americans are taking a stand due to their much cherished privacy. Granted, that I have nothing to hide really, but there are certain people and entities I choose to know things about me and that is just the way things are. I recently UN-LIKED Barack on Face Book for the many unfulfilled promises he made to the world. Some of us had way too much hope in the poor guy even when he is poised for re-election, It quickly dawned on him upon taking office that there are far more powerful forces that control world affairs than this Kikuyu man had earlier realized. He is but a marionette on the strings of those that rule the world in proxy! This planet is indeed exciting I want to Live forever!!!!!! selah Kozo, Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Barotse Patriot Barotseland, Central Africa “I tell you a Truth, Liberty is the best of all things, my son, NEVER live under a Slavish Bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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