Wednesday, April 27, 2016


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama I am sorry but you may have to put on your thinking cap for this piece as it is inspired by an excess of cryptic puzzles from The Mensa Society. 1. The Bufo Amphibian or Goliath Frog reducing itself and consequently almost completely diminishing his political clout or influence after his not being preferred by the Double Mike River Mouth Group by forming an ineffectual party when he should have been more patient to join a more established one to propel himself to greater nation-wide appeal. This was when he failed to get the reins of power in the Double Mike River Mouth Group after the untimely demise of our very dear Israeli High Priest tribe and Irish cousin from the midlands. 2. The Brit heir apparent prince Sisutho variant lingo for Incessant Rains, a Barotse National, fancying his chances of ruling Zambia one day that he even goes ahead to form a political party. Though not explicitly stated, but the motive was to ride or bank on his almost default popularity or support base he would get in Barotseland. He grossly miscalculated to do all this at a time when many a Mulozi are expressing deep nationalistic fervor. The pinnacle of this booboo was when during a campaign trail rally in Barotseland he was booed and jeered off a platform and almost roughed up for forcing The Malozi to sing a Zambian national anthem this they resented and proudly bellowed out of their chest and instead sung in unison ‘ Bulozi Fasi La Bondata Luna’ (The Proud Barotseland National Anthem). 3. Double Hotel’s total lack of discernment or failure to learn from the lessons of the Ugly thing in Luyana botched unholy union with the micturition product informalized into a copulation euphemism. 4. Double Hotel wasting his chance at winning/stealing a sizeable amount of votes from a few confused Barotses who would shockingly still vote in Zambian election in 2015 and beyond by failing to understand what The Barotseland Agreement WAS about. He even embarrassingly likens the resolution of the Barotseland Question to federalism. 5. The Regal venomous slithery Reptilian blood lined individual from the boreal campus point, having the propensity for commenting on all matters even those whose full depth he sadly usually and obviously little understands, only to have them explode in his face like 10,000 mega-tonnes of TNT like promising to honor an agreement he little understood the depth of. 6. The ploy by successive administrations to make the issue of Barotseland taboo even to the extent of making even its mention treasonable and as not acceptable in parliament pretty much childish in my books. 7. The total avoidance and removal of the Barotseland Question from the country’s historical background and how their country was founded through meticulously doctored curriculum offered in schools to their children is extremely bizarre. 8. The total inability or unwillingness of the citizenry to comprehend a very basic once legally binding document (Barotseland Agreement 1964,whose abrogation has since been mutually accepted) and its full implication, which unity treaty was the sole basis of their country’s founding. 9. The failure of the BRE( Barotse Royal Establishment)to fully engage all the stakeholders who are part and parcel of greater Barotseland(Encompassed in the geographical boundaries of the Nation of Barotseland) in charting the way forward for the Nation of Barotseland. Their total failure or inability to unite all the activist groups and issue an equivocal statement on their stance to the international community and to their people post-BNC in the form of the State of the Nation address. 10. Zambia continuing to grapple with the Barotseland Question for 50 YEARS using the same techniques of fruitless internal dialogue, intimidation, belligerence, military armament and invasion. What did Einstein describe the process of doing the same thing over and over again but expecting to get a different result? 11. The embarrassing intellectual inadequacy of failing to comprehend what is happening in Barotseland and some people’s inability to differentiate between Secession and reverting back to a previous status of Statehood. Secession is when a group of people in one historically solid monolithic state decide for whatever reason to detach themselves from the rest of the country. This usually happens where there is ethnic division and unequal distribution of wealth and resource utilization. The proud State and Nation of Barotseland only became part of Zambia based on the Barotseland Agreement 1964 which Zambia decided to unilaterally and systematically abrogate by disregarding the clauses enshrined therein. The end result is what we see now; in my humble understanding this is technically not secession. How are they a Unitary State then? Who did they unite with and using what tool as the modus operandi of the union? 12. The failure to realize that the Barotseland Question left inconclusively addressed as it has always been, will FOREVER be there to haunt us up to the 20th generation and beyond. No amount of intimidation, arrests, killings, warn and caution statements will ever prevent the Barotse People from achieving that which was divinely ordained to be theirs, Royal Barotseland! They constantly add insult to inury by always going back to tease Malozi that when voted into office they would help resolve the Barotseland Question and for some strange reason like a cursed people Malozi buy into this cheap politicking by voting for them en masse. How not so shocking , remember The Curse of Sir Mwanawina III whne he was forced to sign the Barotseland Agreement? 13. The perpetuation of a very unfortunate and dangerous ideology and thought that any other ethnic group in Zambia will never ever ascend to the helm of political power. This assertion unfortunately we openly and publicly hear being repeated by the denizens of Zambia as an affront to anyone who opposes their plans and political hegemony. Armed with this fallacious thought pattern many electorates have entered into polling booths to choose their preferred national leaders during their exercise of universal suffrage solely based on tribe and regional origins but not substance of the candidate. The voting pattern in most African countries is regional or ethnic in nature. This happens when certain, but not all, usually or predominantly the less affluent and those of humble educational backgrounds or the blatantly bigoted individuals vote for presidential candidates based solely on which tribe they hail from. Having come to grips with this eternal fact, “ May God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Niebuhr quotes (American theologian, 1892-1971). The almost unforgivable result of the succession rift in The upended group between Double Hotel and the Ugly Luyana thing was to say the least selfishness on the part of the duo. They did not realize that they had inflicted untold harm on the relations Of the Bulls and the Elephants. The two were, as a consequence, blinded at the potential of uniting or harnessing the south, central, copperbelt, north-west and The Occident into a formidable voting block of great repute taking full advantage of the historical strong bond of cousinship which binds us all. This, when properly done would radically create a paradigm shift in the political landscape of the zedians. 14. The various machinations of state to attempt to stifle the public freedom of expression and the free flow of diverse intellectual ideas no matter how they find them disagreeable. Fond memories of the Grecian’s Agora spring back to my mind where i would have intellectually thrived to unimaginable proportions. What this effectively does is it inadvertently creates a police state where citizens develop a morbid fear of officialdom. The barometric readings on broader or critical issues affecting the general public would not be ascertained accurately if you do not allow them vocalize their discontent. The end result of this strangulation of opinion is that they vent out their disdain and anger in the polling booth when it is too late for any meaningful intervention measures. 15. The blunder by the bearded fair skinned semi-Grecian to leave the trappings of the acme of professionalism at N.A.T.O. Phonetic Alphabet begins in encoded; Scottish product; The Brit heir apparent Prince pet name; and lastly O’flahertie Wills Wilde’s forename only to join Double Mike River Mouth Group at its political nadir. Lo and behold he has effectively vanished into oblivion after he headed Zulu Romeo Alpha as CEO. Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama Barotse Patriot Barotseland, Central Africa “I tell you a Truth, Liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a Slavish Bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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