Thursday, March 3, 2011


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama

After taking an introspective insight into the current disorder in the Maghreb and the entire Mashreq regions respectively, one needs to look beyond the mass insurrection and the political mayhem that is happening in the Middle East and the rest of the Arab world in general and ask some probing questions. Here we have been treated to images where, in an act of organized anarchy, the citizens have gone on rampage taking up arms and calling for the unconstitutional removal of their leaders through unconstitutional means. This is why I feel for the preservation of order and some semblance of a certain measure of sanity they needed to be met and repelled with the brute force which was sufficient to achieve this end. Yes, in that typical Machiavellian fashion the end would justify the means.

The question however which begs an answer is where were these people when their leaders perpetuated their stay in office? Did they just learn how to count and woke up one morning and said wait a minute have not these leaders over stayed? Did they just realize that they were being badly governed and unanimously arose to call for their recently discovered ‘human’ rights which were hitherto denied them? It is so disgusting almost how they are so na├»ve and so unoriginal in their actions going about literally copying actions of others without considering their peculiar situations. Please my humble advice to them as unsolicited for as it may be is this that do not be martyrs for no apparent reason just because you have had an excess of cable TV and an overdose of the internet you think you can now die for western values, the fabled 72 virgins have all been taken up and that paradise is but a misleading Shangri la or El dorado! What I would say is that any society which for some strange reason decides to be ruled without any form of constitutional checks and balances or controls which should serve to limit the tenure of office of political leaders just lends itself to gross abuse of power.

The age old adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely comes to mind here. After all, it is an innate evil inclination in all humans to want to continue their spell of good fortunes if the environment is allowed to be conducive. We have eternity encoded into our genome. This is why we always think in terms of tomorrow and the future even when it is so uncertain. What was scary is how Gaddafi was slowly grooming his son to take over the reins of power from him. Did the Libyans say their style of governance was not a monarchy? It was open ended and thus lending itself to exploitation. Remember that No man can ever ride your back unless it is bent. For some reason like in many black African countries it seems the gods have decreed that the wisdom of leadership is vested in the hands of a select few who hold an irrevocable monopoly to political office.

What I will state with a great degree of certitude is that the contention of Gaddafi and the other leaders having over stayed in office is to say the least laughable. Most European monarchs have easily paled their record of clinging to power. What we do not want to see as a rare breed of radical free-thinking Pan-Africanists and as an Africa arising, slowly asserting itself so as to effectively take up its rightful seat on the table of nations, is have a chain of spineless and visionless vassals to the West for leaders. This world still needs inspirational and iconic leaders who are prepared to confront and repel imperialistic overtures. The global influence of The Brotherhood and other shady entities who are hell bent on extending their clutches and tentacles near and far in an effort to complete their global domination ploy have to be stopped in their tracks. The world needed and still needs Adolf(unapologetically so),Enersto Che Guevara,Castro,Chavez,Mugabe,Ahmedinejad,Brother Malcolm X,H.I.M Emperor Haile Sellasie I,Honourable Robert Nesta Marley,Mutabaruka,Mzwakhe Mbuli,John Lennon,Muhhamed Ali,Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Mahatma Gandhi ,Martin Luther King Jr. et al, all of them intrepid in their own right. Men of valor and impeccable social standing who strongly spoke against injustice and stood for what they believed in despite the cost to themselves.

The display of utter diplomatic indiscipline by those serving in Libyan foreign missions abroad when they resigned en mass should be addressed here. What exactly are they saying is their honest reasons for dissociating themselves from a leader they loyally served for 4 decades? If this was not the most immoral sign of self preservation to avoid reprisals against them then I do not know what it was. So, did they all of a sudden grow brains and realized they were backing a wrong man? They were appalled by the crack down on protesters so they said. Oooh, please move over! These people who took to the streets of Libya should be called what they really are, anarchists, pure and simple. They were not peacefully calling on the government to discuss changes they wanted made as a matter of urgency. What they wanted was a sudden and disorderly removal of a regime by any means necessary. This is what I find rather disturbing and the West and everyone is unanimously in support of such actions. Is this the culture we are truly advocating all disgruntled nationals to employ whenever they are unhappy with their leaders?

It is clearly undeniable that the western powers are not entirely being driven by their morality in dealing with what is happening in the Arab world particularly in Libya. What they failed to achieve through the many years of isolating Libya, they have most definitely found a necessary primer to try again in the current crisis to push this agenda.

The rest of black African leaders have been embarrassingly lukewarm in the face of this crisis because they have this almost morbid fear that what is happening is a creeping death of sorts and they reason the best strategy is to keep quite lest they beckon it to hit them even faster. The man Gaddafi has for years been championing the establishment of The United States of Africa which concept was the dream of many Pan-Africanists like H.I.M Emperor Haile Sellasie I,Marcus Mosiah Garvey,Kwame Nkhrumah,Armical Cabral, Honourable Robert Nester Marley et al. Gaddafi has been supported little by the crop indecisive leaders in Africa. Those in the know realize just how the West does not exactly look at the prospect of having to deal with a united Africa as a block with relish.So they would be more than glad to see the back of whoever is seen as wanting to bring this picture to fruition. The blood dripping claws of western imperialism are dangling over Libya like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

What if Gaddafi now finds it unprofitable to cooperate with the West in many reform programmes? Do they realize what this can do to the man? I cannot wait to see just what will happen when Libya starts to make an audit of who really are their allies in the world after this crisis has boiled over. There is a more pressing and serious nuclear crisis in Japan and the world is wasting time trying to protect those demon(cracy) junkies! How hypocritical, please know this that the Japanesse need the world’s help now, they did not exactly develop some rare form of radiation resistance after Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

It is yet again another example of how Democracy should be strongly questioned as to whether or not it is the most ideal governance model for all ethnic communities. It has blatantly failed black Africans I can tell you that for a fact. It is a known rarity in Africa for an incumbent leader to lose at the polls. Occasionally, they have actually been known to lose but in a shameless show of defiance they simply announce that they will not leave office nonetheless, or delay the announcement of election results and the next day call for a government of national unity, whatever that means. Lets us just swallow our pride and leave democracy for the Greeks and western Europeans as clearly one model does not fit all.

Do not get me wrong, as has been seen in North Africa, the modern era of black Africans cannot organize themselves to attain those levels of espirit de corps in a show of unity of purpose in order to achieve a desired goal. They, unlike the Arabs are too polarized into pockets of ethnic groups or tribes and their lack of religious unity does not help matters much. There may be Sunni and Shia Islam and traces of Christianity but overall Islam proved to be a unifying factor and a rallying point for those protesters. When time came for prayers they gathered as an Umma and went to the same mosque, bowed down together and arose together in unison as an impressive synchronicity of a rallying call to action led by the same Imam.

Conversely, I know this will not go down well in some circles but some things need to be said like they are. Contrary to Gaddafi’s assertions, the strong Islamic faith among the protesters, made the obvious absence of alcohol and drug abuse at the gatherings have a telling, strengthening and truly unifying influence even more powerful. They matched together, prayed together, spoke one language and aspired for similar ideals.
The South Africans, with the help of the international community while spurred on by the undying ancestral spirit of Azania had paid for their current semblance of quasi-freedom in blood to defeat the diabolical apartheid regime. Without having to elaborate further for obvious reasons, I fear for that Nation, the glaring disparity between the rich and the poor may get too unbearable and God forbid they may just attain critical mass and become susceptible to the hydrophobic affliction of Canis familiaris(According to the scientific nomenclature as espoused by the Swede Linnaeas, is the name for the Domestic Dog!)

The role that the Gaddafi’s family has played in the near miraculous turning around of the economic future of that country cannot go without consideration. That is how his people want to thank the Colonel? Never before have I ever seen such ingratitude indeed. It is for this reason that even if I may not know Muammar personally but this man will not easily give in to these riotous mob. I can certainly and totally relate with his current psyche amidst this turmoil. He is a true Tuareg warrior who would rather choose to stop a product of copper than leave a country he helped build from nothing almost at the mercy of western powers. Ordinarily you would not catch me dead concerning meself with what these Arabs do to each other. This is because of the way most of them want to distance themselves from being and belonging to Africa proper. I hear one of the ‘african’ Arab countries even applied to be a member of the European union! I say this also knowing full well about the racism that is rife in the Arab world and thus would be the last person to support any individual or society which espouses such sickening isms founded on nauseating ignorance. The lives of dark negrescent citizens of these Arab countries are so difficult because of suffering rampant discrimination and abuse because they are considered misfits for the most part but they quietly bare it. The fabled unity in Islam is but a mirage which quickly fades and evaporates at large gatherings like the Hagi(pilgrimage to Mecca)when Arabs are seen hanging around their kind!

Even when most people have permanently committed him forever into the annuls of infamy I on the other hand have a totally different opinion of the man. It should therefore not be strange that I chant Heil Fuhrer Our Fuhrer (Adolf Hitler). What I will forever maintain in accordance with National Socialist dogma is that, “To attain as certain degree of congruence with the Fuhrer philosophy is the ultimate goal of any well meaning Neo-Nazi protagonist.” – Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama. This even when I very well know the man’s general opinion of people of colour but whose actions has left him immortalized as one of the most influential figures of our modern times because he foresaw what honest and independent free-thinking people are only seeing now.

The irony of the situation in the debacle that is Libya is just captivating in a way to say the least. Look, here is a nation and their leader, a man who has managed to withstand the full effect and bore the brunt of western sanctions and years of international isolation thinking he was protecting his people’s interests but which people in a shocking move turn out to be his worst enemies! This is stuff for a paperback clearly.

The logic of what am saying may be explained in either of two ways, that is, either am a strong believer in the continued maintenance of an orderly way of life of citizens at all costs or it may be my ugly side of being a potential despot showing its head. What does not surprise me is how the West yet again has been exposed for being the sickening turncoats they have always been. They have always backed these leaders who are being overthrown by their people but saw nothing wrong with them.

All in all, as We say in Freemasonic circles, Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit, to the uninitiated you just have to marvel at how Out Of Chaos Order Does Indeed Prevail. The universal truth shall always hold that in matters of governing mortal beings, it is folly to leave them to their own devices. They inevitably need to be guided with a firm hand so as to protect them from themselves.

The West like always are hypocritically groveling over these scenes like voracious sharks or vultures hovering over a limping animal to eat their fill in the resultant feast of controlling the emerging ‘puppet’ governments so as to ravage their resources. We all know that the existing political stand-off in Cote d’ivoire begun much earlier than the troubles in the Arab world but in a not so shocking act of hypocrisy they have chosen to focus troubles in lands that have a more valuable mineral buried underground than the cocoa in Ivory Coast.The euphemism they are using is that they want to demon(cratise) these societies so as to welcome them into the community of civilized nations but in actuality they all they want is to usher in a wave of moral decadence replete with all manner of debauchery western style which they will package as freedom of speech, human rights and other civil liberties so as to fashion a country of libertines in the Arab world.

They have been quick to condemn the killing of civilians in Libya while they opted to look the other way when the evil Zionist regime in Israel freely and wantonly went about slaughtering the people of Gaza, the Americans still continue to murder civilians using unmanned drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan without having the scruples to criticize these actions and bring the perpetrators to account. If anyone ever had any doubts about how despite his oratory prowess and eloquence sorry I meant his rare ability to read a speech from a teleprompter Hussein Obama Barrack is powerless in the face of the powerful Jewish lobby and The Brotherhood in shaping American foreign policy in the middle east, just yesterday 14 out of the 15 UN Security Council members voted to condemn the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and west bank as illegal but the Obama administration used their very first veto power and vetoed this vote. So this is the kind of world we find ourselves living in where in a classic example of what I would say in the immortalized words of George Orwell, “All animals are equal but other animals are more equal than others.”

These events should serve as a lesson for anyone exercising some form of headship or leadership over any human beings. Do not kid yourself into thinking their silence means they are pleased with your imposed authority over them. They may only be enduring you and one day they will not take it any longer.
Like they say in the business, the moral of the story is, Do not take people for granted, they can be some of the most unpredictable creatures on earth!

Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Barotseland, Central Africa
“I tell you a Truth, Liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a Slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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