Monday, December 6, 2010


Judas, Hero or Villain?

By NamakandoNalikandoSinyama(Proudly From Planet Agnostika)

“May we forever resist, yes, even to the death, whatever force inhibits us from engaging our cranial department in critical thought only this way will our brain grow to liberating Zenithal heights.” – Namakando Nalikando Sinyama

The rendering of the whole story of salvation and how it was designed to come about does indeed make exciting reading. But, for a free-thinking mind like mine, it does more to raise serious prodding questions about the entire arrangement. What any honest Christian will agree with is that Jesus did not exactly volunteer to come and die for mankind. He cried and resisted the death that was coming upon him; this was a clear protestation of the whole mission. He has, as you probably know, been credited with these words as he fervently prayed, “Father, if thou art willing, let this cup pass from me; yet not my will, but thine, be done.” (Mt. 26:39; Mk. 14:36; Lk. 22:42; Jn. 18:1). This was when Jesus lay prostrate on the ground in the Garden of Gethsemane. I kindly entreat you to cut the man some slack here; he was but human both in flesh and in blood. He was only instructed or sent down to do this deed. Whether or not he wanted to willingly come to perform the ultimate sacrifice can only be deduced from how he dealt with his pursuers. He could have more than once resisted the premature fulfilment of his mission. However, when Judas Iscariot assisted in the quickening of his (Jesus’) ending by betraying him and surrendering him into the hands of his captors, the world decide to criminalise him and all the people involved in the expediting his death. Herein lays the gross injustice I find. Look, if it was indeed predestined that Jesus had to die, was is it to be through a cardiac arrest or normally going through the whole process of senescence and eventually succumbing to death from old age? What Judas was could well have been a mere cog in the whole chain of the theatre curtain unfolding before the human race. Therefore, to condemn Judas or any human who was instrumental in the fulfilment of this dramatic end of the life of one of the most influential figures in the whole world is a total lack of understanding, reason and an utter misunderstanding of the basic Laws of Cause and Effect. Do Christians realise that according to the dogma taught to them the whole of human life is but an experiment meant to establish who has more influence over humanity, God or Satan. We are but Lilliputian pawns in a tag of war of sorts where Satan has been allowed to tempt us to join his dark side. As for those who end up resisting his machinations being rewarded with everlasting life in a paradise to live in ethereal bliss eternally. There are some who naively look forward to being beamed up in Star Trek fashion to live in heaven where they say they will be singing or praising God forever! Funny how i thought there were enough angels doing that very job as we speak. And there has never been a call from the heavenly orchestra for the reinforcements of tenors. As for those who manage to cross over what awaits them is eternal damnation in a fiery torment of Gehena! Their torture is said last forever, well, then that fire may not be as hot as it is reputed. The reason is, carbon-based proteinous human flesh does not really take that much heat and it quickly gets charred giving out that acrid smell and decomposes into a darkish sooty material in no time. But if the theory is such that the once loving God has now prepared a special fire which merely permanently scorches the wretched convicted sinners but does not consume so as to serve as a way of inflicting the maximum pain, then this disturbing imagery leaves me at a loss for words. What would this be in aid of? Is it to serve as an amusement activity or just what would be the logic of it all? The reason is that, this is so akin to Moloch or is it just my relapse of de ja vu attacks hitting me again. Why won’t they understand this? What must we do to help them because i hate to say this in Christendom thinking is not encouraged much . You just have to believe and the lord knows it all. What is constantly thrown in your face ad nauseum is the notion that ‘never question God's wisdom,’ you know that kind of baloney. As a result most profess INSINCERE faith founded on fear of Hell and naivety more than anything. The prospect of hell it must be here stated is what has more than anything spurred most Christians into mass unfounded and insincere faith and belief of concepts which may not always agree with their thinking. The concept of an inferno awaiting the unrepentant souls happens to show up or is prominent in most prominent religions which seem to share their origins. Religions like Islam, Judaism and Christianity have different versions of this anti-climactic end of the life on this planet as we have known it. Please try to occasionally use your senses and discerning mind’s eye, only then will you truly come to appreciate the depth and value of the teachings of the Man Yeshua(Jesus)so grossly misrepresented by folks who claim to follow his steps. If he was of an immaculate birth, sinless and god-like or even God himself which is very unlike you and I, then to strive to be Christian or Christ like is chasing a red herring,being on a wild goose chase or trying catch your own shadow. To also believe that he made 3 fishes and 5 loaves of bread which feed 5000 people leaving crumbs enough to fill up baskets is insulting the giver of intelligence! Each religious person should ask themselves why they believe; to paraphrase, does one worship God because of the prospect of a reward of paradise existence which he forever dangles in their face like the proverbial alluring carrot? Does one worship God so as to escape the sizzling encounter with a pitch folk wielding fiend whose idea of kicks is poking people into the flames? Does one worship God because of the current situation they find themselves in from which they wish for some much needed respite which only God can offer? Does one worship God as a show of gratitude for their better fortunes they find themselves in which they have credited God for his unending benevolence? Do they go to worship God once in a week on Saturday or Sunday to shake off the boredom of the weekend by meeting old acquaintances after adorning themselves in their best apparel? Do you go to worship God because like I used to do it so as to avoid the other congregants from darkening my front door steps as they do their rounds to establish why they did not see me at the meetings? I was going to church for all the wrong reasons. Or do they worship God because they have finally come to the conclusion that he is truly loving and deserves their unreserved and unconditional adoration without them expecting anything in return?

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