Sunday, December 4, 2016


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama The recent posturing and actions by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the world stage confirmed to me in no uncertain terms of his dogged drive and determination to take up the driving seat in steering World affairs in the right direction. It is clear for all to see that the people who have all along claimed to be in charge of matters on this planet have done so, much to its detriment. They have clearly made a sodding mess of things alright. From extra-judicial killings of Foreign Heads of States in the Arab World so as to effect regime changes, Invading and Destabilizing hitherto orderly Arab States and installing ragtag puppet regimes which fail to work and leaving failed states in their wake, establishing and arming Terrorist Networks like ISIS/ISIL which they in turn pretend to be fighting against, other world governments under the influence of the Illuminati Agenda have been complicit in staging false Flag Attacks on their soil and killing their own people so as to create a jus ad bellum (Justification for War) and place the blame on groups in foreign countries they want to go and take over and pillage their Mineral Resources, to authorizing Lethal Drone air strikes sometimes ending up in the Cold-Blooded killing of innocent civilians who are later found to have merely been in a wedding procession, to allowing the wanton slaughter of Palestinians and stealing their Land by the evil Zionist regime in Israel with impunity. As new ‘kids’ on the block, Putin and Trump do indeed engender hope of better things to come. Putin has further displayed his Mission Statement when he fearlessly kicked out The Rothschild’s Banking Dynasty from Russia for among other things undermining his country’s economic recovery trajectory and boring away at the very core of that Nation’s Soul. They have historically been known to have profited from funding global mayhem, and being a former KGB senior Officer, I knew Putin did not act from without but was in possession of solid information to that effect and was thus onto something and was determined to do his bit in correcting and rooting out this Global cancer. Let him join forces and partner with President Elect Donald Trump to confront The Illuminati threat so as to give this planet some much needed relief and breath of fresh air of sanity. This will definitely form one of the most effective Tag Teams ever between Nations whose old Cold War rivalry Neo-Cons would rather persisted even to the point of bringing the World on the brink of an Interstellar/Inter-Galactic or Terrestrial Apocalyptic Cataclysm involving the use of Nukes. The list of Heads of State they set out to oust from power by any means necessary obviously hit a snug in Syria when Russia and Iran came to the aid of the Assad regime. Here again we saw how Putin was the fly in their proverbial ointment to always frustrate their plans and effectively spoil their intended party. They have claimed, rather falsely to be fighting ISIS and ISIL which they actually created to fight alongside the rebels to remove Assad from power. Vladimir Putin was alive to this scheme of things and decided enough was enough and went into Syria to really ‘sort out’ ISIS and not the pretentious games being engaged in by Barry and his cronies. Putin’s forces later realized that they were actually facing western sponsored combatants at the War front; this is why they are not happy with his involvement and want to demonize and accuse Russia of all manner of War crimes in Aleppo. Guess what, he is not going to be a member of ICC anymore because lo and behold, The US is not a member either even though they helped create this body, Boo hooo!!! A lot of people did not know this. How so convenient indeed! This newly found cooperation between The US and Russia should involve ensuring that political candidates contesting elections the world over who are known Illuminati Agents should not be allowed to win Elections anywhere in the world. This is where Comrades Julian Assange’s wikiLeaks and Edward Snowden will always come in handy to uncover the clandestine dealings of these Agents of The New World Order! Locally, Trump promised to ‘Drain the Bog’ in Washington DC because that is the global seat of all things not right with the way the World was being run. We hope he will not back down on this promise or surround himself with Illuminati compromised individuals who will only weaken his efforts. Though not known to the general public, what was achieved by Trump election victory recently in America was a milestone in more ways than one. A lot of folks little realized what was at stake; The world was literally on the verge of a World War III and this, the mainstream media was a tool they used and always use to blind the masses to this impending danger and their many shady schemes of ushering into office their stooges to further their Agenda. From the FBI Clinton e-mails I have and read, which by the way, for civilian use, even after they were declassified, had to be heavily redacted. For a civilian to make sense of them a highly advanced Reverse Algorithm may need to be used. So you see, it was never that I was insensitive and naïve about the exaggerated misogynist threat and racism fears reported about during The Trump Campaign. I just happened to be privy to the bigger picture. If this Nuclear War had broken out after the improbable election Win by you know who, it would not have mattered much whether what was talked about Trump erecting a Wall along the Mexico Border to keep away illegal immigrants was done or the occasional racism suffered by Black people on the streets at the hands of Racist Police and the Klansmen in high offices of government. Heck it! Do people know there would have been NO streets to speak of after a Nuke is detonated or Borders or Racism to worry about? Life as we know it would have been completely obliterated. This, by the way, is the current level of Hi-Tech weaponry advancement that these Nations have reached. There is no longer the polarizing effect of M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) between the super powers which ensured relative peace existed in the world. My sights were fixed on preventing a scenario which was more destructive to the whole planet and one which for all intent and purposes could well have ushered in a second Ice Age from the resultant Nuclear Fallout and particles which would blocked out the sun's rays. I do have a few online ‘friends’ who are either currently in The US or have been there for years, or are now back but did their tertiary education there and are thus obviously more knowledgeable than I am about the living conditions of our Brothers and Sisters of Color in The US especially as regards Race Relations and the Rights and freedoms of Minorities. Their reaction to the recent Trump election win is that of a morbid dread of yet unforeseen ramifications. We have even heard and seen previously Secretive Right Wing hate group members now openly come out to express themselves with their bigotry. Look, if Life becomes way too unbearable for you out there,Marcus Mosiah Garvey Elijah once said, ' Africa is for Africans , those at Home and those Abroad." You are always welcome back Home for , " Amid Pleasures and Palaces though you may roam, be they ever so humble, There is No Place like Home." - John Howard Payne. The Philosophy of Marcus can be fulfilled through Trump and The GOP, would not that be Grand? I know its quite a long short though for the many African Americans who speak of relocating back to Africa only speak of and want to over crowd South Africa since it is by far the closest they can ever be to the standards of Life they enjoyed in The US. This probable Exodus would effectively disadvantage other African countries of humble means as they would be deemed too unfavourable destinations for possible resettlement. The result would an Africa experiencing lopsided capital Investment. The message I have for all those communities especially African-Americans that are constantly whining about Racism from The Police and Right Wing Groups in the US is, 'Put Up or Shut The Eff Up' or better still , come back Home to Afrika damn it; Hell, but this is the only home we have known, they would retort. This reaction you would mostly get from those African-Americans with a lighter skin hue and the Mullatoes or mixed race individuals not so much from those Brothers and Sister that have against all odds and the passage of time and exposure to years of temperate climatic conditions managed to maintain the true identity and manifestation of quite remarkable phenotypic integrity and appearance of true negrescence. This is because these mixed race lighter negroes feel their chances of a better life and being fully accepted in White America as higher and as a result are less of a target for racial abuse. They would tell you they have no real cultural connections with Black Africa no matter how hard we try to force ourselves. Our children have fully integrated in American society. Integrated? Do define integration if you are not accepted as equal citizens and your freedoms and rights are almost non-existent.There is, am afraid nothing for us to go to in any African country. Really? News flash!The hard core Red Neck Racists make little distinction between negroes and give them a reality check by reminding even them that, no matter how light you think uou look, ' You still aint nothing but a Niggar ! Well, quit your bloody complaining then and deal with your challenges in America and spare us your problems.Here you will Live in Peace and quiet among your kind. This is where it really becomes sad because there exists among African American communities a subtle form of Intra - Racial segregation on the basis of skin hue. Some of these feel and behave they are superior to their counterparts.These do actually find their stay and fortunes in racist America slightly better than their melanin enriched folk who look more African having undergone very little phenotypic modification even after several generations of genetic interactions. They somehow have not attempted to artificially change their physical appearance by going under the knife or bleaching their skins and treating their hair so as to forcibly conform with perhaps what they deem to be the perfect image of acceptable human beings in America.These ‘friends’ of mine thus saw my total disapproval of the very choice of the DNC’s favored candidate over Bernie Saunders as naïve and none of my business since my opinions on their elections mattered squat! They saw my near celebratory reaction to the recent election result and my aggressive online canvassing against their preferred candidate to discredit her as rather shockingly odd coming from a non US Citizen and one who has never even set foot there. They feel I little realized let alone appreciated the fullest implication of a Trump victory and the background of the people who he has chosen to fill up his Administration with. There were also those that saw my postings as, of all things dull, because they felt I needed to instead expend my energies and attention to analyzing the full implication and the national logistical challenge that will arise from the distribution of Free sanitary pads to girls situated in some rural areas as allocated for in a the recently read out Budget! Excuse me! Unfortunately, unlike them, there are only a select few things that manage to engage my cranial department due to my limited space to work with in my head. This has made me somewhat selective on what I analyze. Going around the world touring other Nations and having closed door meetings with world leaders on Tax payer’s expense when the end of ones term of office as a Sitting Duck President is fast approaching is to say the least unusual, unless these excursions can be proven to be of absolute necessity and serving the overall strategic importance to the Nation. Unless there is stuff that needs to be said only in person behind closed doors thus avoiding the use of e-mails or phone calls. For obvious reasons of course! Pun Intended. The other trend we have noticed is where there are now last minute after thoughts or foreign policy direction pronouncements being made at International gatherings by folks who are soon to vacate their offices when they had more than ample time to do their bit during their tenure . These also should be received with a pinch of salt as on close scrutiny, they seem to come out with a highly nuanced view. Are they meant to serve the effect of pre-empting the foreign policy direction that the incoming Administration should steer the country in and by extension the world or what? Granted, that an official handover is a crucial feature of any job not the least that of President of Those United States. But it is my considered view that, they should Let Trump and the New Team he constitutes to chart the way forward in the best way he knows how and achieve what he promised the many loyal Americans who voted them into office to help make America Great Again. The sad truth is however, the two of them alone may not entirely succeed in unbundling The Illuminati due to the deeply entrenched nature of the machinations of this shadowy Group. It has been influencing World Governments much to their detriment for way too long. We hope to derive comfort from the thought that a few leaders will at least wake up and realize what has really been happening in the world and who has been behind it all. Notwithstanding, the fact that these other world leaders may not exactly be brave enough to do anything much themselves, the ground work would have been laid to launch a sustained wave of some sort of Global Resistance or revolution or uprising against evil. As to just how long Putin and Trump will be on this path and resist being compromised themselves is not known? Everything considered, may the world know this today that, these two gentlemen are the modern world’s only hope of preventing it from succumbing to a sustained barrage of evil plots and schemes by an extremely determined cabal of Family Bloodlines, Secret Societies and Organizations who are intent on ushering in The New World Order at all costs and make us all be at their mercy where we will be all ruled over forever as mere ‘sheeple’. The Mind Control programs have been active for years which have seen moral decadence marketed as the vogue via subliminal messages transmitted through Hollywood productions and the music industry. Your children’s minds are being manipulated without you realizing the full impact from the cartoon programs you constantly expose them to. Well, come on Namakando are you suggesting we all start wearing Tin Foil Hats over our heads in Hippy fashion? Well, anything will have to do in order for you to block out their mind control rays they keep bombarding your minds with! There is really no telling what these behind the scenes shadow governments are planning but one thing is for sure that they have be forced to go back to the drawing board. I will not credit them with too much sophistry by assuming they may well still be in control of things despite the helter-skelter appearance of the current global geo-political landscape. The emergence of Putin and Trump has made them recalibrate their schemes and plans for this world.

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