Sunday, November 6, 2011


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama
By using what we in the business call The Third Eye, you will be able to notice what other ordinary mortals cannot see. When you use higher consciousness you will observe that British Premier David Cameron, while speaking at the end of a Commonwealth leaders’ summit in Perth, Western Australia where the above pre-conditions to Aid were pronounced, displayed an Occult hand symbol which I find rather curious. (Both arms stretched forward with open palms). It is called the "Sign of Admiration and Astonishment". As my mother would often say, I can bet my white Barotse teeth he knew very well just what he was communicating.These people are not stupid! This symbol is very common in the occult circles.In Catholicism (most Popes use it with an occasional bow of the head, here it passes as a ‘sign of praise’) and in Egyptology hieroglyphic depiction of the ancients as well. These hand signs are used for identification purposes to know who is who in many secret ancient Orders like Free Masonry. This might give you a hint as to what exactly was at play there except I may not be cleared to go into it right now. Well,for now, let me just say, it is way above my pay grade! From the outset, I need the reader to know that am not in any way effeminate, pouffe, butty, fag, pinky, pansy,queer, fairy or call it what you may. I am actually very linear thank you very much! Or not even what my good friend George now likes to call Bi-Curious! This early disclosure i have made is crucial in helping you conquer any of your internalised socially imposed prejudices which would effectively cloud your reasoning faculties if at all they even exist. The result of the absence of which would almost inevitably cause you to miss my point of view and seek to either lynch me or categorise me into a pigeon hole of social bigotry. I do implore you to hear me out here. I am merely an ardent student of Practical Reasoning and Logical Thought and I wish African universities could be offering this course as well. What i really find repulsively ignorant before we completely demonise Cameron and commit the western world to the dust bin of immorality, is how some people stoop so low as to use the bible to condemn other people to death or plainly criminalise them using this book as justification. There is a certain degree of rationality here which am not in the least ashamed to admit that I seem to agree with. Why should sexual deviancy or orientation be singled out as the only strong enough basis to ostracise a specific class of people? What if the one you choose to discuss this matter with is not even Christian or religious at all, then what? Are you going to shove your standard of morality on someone from another faith or different religious persuasion or an atheist using this book as a basis for reasoning?

\ Let me now get to the crux of the matter here, yes, am taking off the gloves now! Let us slag it out with bare intellectual knuckles with those who please. What i would really like to know is this, and forgive me for being a bit crude here. I may not exactly boast of having a PhD under me belt from some prestigious university in Human Anatomy and Physiology hence my curiosity should be understood in context. What is the main difference between the Male anal orifice sphincter and the female anal orifice sphincter? My reason for asking this is that most of these people who are vehemently opposed to gay sex have no qualms whatsoever with having penetrative anal sex with a female or watching this done in some sleazy scope .

Why should people use sexual preference as a basis for judging and hating a group of people? Do humans realise that in a relationship of any form there is a whole lot more involved other than just poking your mate back and forth with a body protuberant using whichever portal? What about a lesbian relationship, where there are no visible body appendages or features to portend the practicality of penetrative sex? Is the bible explicit on the use of hands and other imaginative ways of offering your mate the highest level of sensual pleasure or gratification? Or was the bible a bit behind the times on that one? Did it anticipate the advent of sex tools like vibrators or dildoes or did we as humans deal it an unexpected double whammy through our innovativeness? Yes,i know we threw it a curve ball there. Is kissing also totally and utterly criminalised in this book? What is better, a faithful and loving gay couple or an abusive and unfaithful heterosexual couple? Do we also not have our own shortcomings maybe not even known to the public? Why then should we magnify those of other people? What if one of your children or siblings ended up being different this way, what then? Would you stone them to death in biblical fashion? This to me is a classic case of first removing the Log in your own eye before you reach out for the speck or straw in your friend’s eye!

I have a lot of my friends who are proud Homophobes and are intolerant religious bigots and as such may find my views on this subject shocking and utterly unacceptable. But then I hold and strongly so that, “I hate being agreed with in most matters, It makes me a stunted intellectual pigmy because it dangerously suppresses my wit.”- Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama. Some of us have long resolved never to perpetually live under the self-imposed slavish shackles of religious dogma. Humanity has continued to face some of the most scary signs of Christian fundamentalism playing out and am afraid it will not end here, let us watch this space.

So, can we have some really smart answers to my biology/Human Anatomy questions i asked above trickling in and fast because folks we do not have all day.I am ready for a cra sh 101 Medical School revision class on the differences of the human body between the sexes. This exam is not open ended we need to make progress here and fast....

Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Barotseland, Central Africa
“I tell you a Truth, Liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a Slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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