Wednesday, June 1, 2011


By Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama

This is for all those that may not have taken a closer look at something that has been staring at them in the faces all this time. It is a well-known fact that Manchester United football team is also called the Red Devils. In Zambia there were some circles that raised concern about why they should have a team called NKANA RED DEVILS when they live in a country they think and want to call a Christian nation. The MANCHESTER UNITED LOGO is of interest here. Even as there may be many caricatures of the devil figure world wide,however the one that has stuck more is the one that shows him having a red face,fanged teeth,horns, forked tail, and wielding a pitchfork. . It is not my business right now to go into what this logo really implies to this team and its supporters because its largely a question of Faith and religious discussions have not really been my strongest point in life. At the centre of the logo one will see the depiction of Satan.

I can think of a myriad of questions right now but a few may be in order.
1. Why call yourselves after one of the most notorious figures in the whole of Islam and Judaeo-Christian dogma?
2. To what extent has Satan influenced the team’s work ethic?
3. What does all this mean for the many naïve followers or supporters?
4. Or maybe all this does not really matter it is just a name, you are more interested in the football, the rest is irrelevant?

Granted, that I may be reading too much into all this, but if we want to be realistic with ourselves one will realise it’s definitely food for thought. There is a bit of information I may disclose but may not be kosher for this forum.

I thought this bit of trivia may interest some folks. To know where this rather misleading depiction of ‘shaytan’( which is Arabic for Satan)comes from, kindly follow the link below; Kindly Press ctrl and click on link.


  1. wow qam sharing this with my twitter and face book friends

  2. it could just be that sir Alex sold his soul? that's why he has an unnaturally long reign as their manager!

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  3. The ship symbolises faith. Like a ship overcoming the obstacles, symbolised by the Devil in the logo, the ship finally arrives safe to its harbour.

  4. We praising the Devil indirectly. Man U should consider removing that devil on the logo. It really makes me sick considering that i like the club and not the Devil

  5. Really l was too surprised to see that Devil in the logo, praising the Satan is really awkward, may holy spirit guide us from all this things.