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I do beg your pardon Sire Ndubi,

What exactly is implied or was meant to communicate by ‘Hear, hear, hear, hear. So the Barosteland(sp) is closed?’ Even as i unreservedly agree with your good selves on the need to change the topic to what may be deemed more interesting, intellectually challenging subjects and politically correct. I only hope I have not misunderstood you, but kindly know this, Barotseland is too great to be closed with such ease. It lingers on in every true Barotse's Heart, aspiration and vision even when they may not opening say it. What should i talk about now,the greatness of Zambia? I fail to bring myself to going on about how great zambia is and the many of its achievements as i may not have lived long enough to learn about what these are. Here, I must admit i will need a bit of help to find remarkable achievements that are worthy of adoration about zambia's many achievements.

The formation of a country called zambia was clearly wrought with political Skullduggery. What a terrible and dangerous path to nation building. Therefore, when you say, “What is of yesterday remains there for reference and not to determine tomorrow” in my limited capacity to fathom deep intellectual concepts such as the one you are obviously espousing here, I have failed to understand it, sadly. If zambia has any future at all in this great chain of being, it will be self-destructive to commit the facts about its founding in the annuls of history. Here is an exercise in rudimentary academic regimen. Are you ready?
1. Barotseland has been a Nation well before zambia was born correct? This fact one may choose to independently verify.
2. The truth is that colonialists did not teach Barotseland administrative order and governance when they came into contact with us in the early or 1800s or earlier but they found them in place alive in Barotseland. I would like to think this was what fascinated them about us and dwell amongst us.
3. What I have come to know about the Caucasian mind-set and disposition is that they would never ordinarily befriend anyone late alone a Cushite (Cushean), unless they have been bewildered, impressed, dazzled and shocked by what they discover are someone’s special talents contrary to what they have hitherto been told and believed about a people. Sometimes they will befriend you because they are interested in what resources you own and they figure they would not have a tough time taking advantage of you.
4. I advise zambians never to ignore these facts about the Barotse’s general personality and character traits. Barotseland’s history and present they may choose to ridicule at their own peril especially when they face economic management and political leadership challenges such as they are grappling with today.

Honeslty, distinguished members of this august house, I am having problems following this debate on the so called Barotse Anthem and am left wondering as to which country it belonged or belongs. I have been forced to check on the map of Africa to see if at all there is such a country I must have omitted during my social studies and geography but am only seeing the number coming to 53. So where is this country? And if this august house comprises Zambians then why bring in an issue that has very little or no direct impact on the development of our beloved country. Can some one enlighten me on this so that am able to follow as well." So wrote a Mr.Ndubi.

I always endeavor to make these regular checks on such matters especially after a very boisterous exchange because it determines our effectiveness in imparting knowledge to one another which is all aimed at pushing back the frontiers of ignorance. I must hasten to apologize if some of you with attention spans long enough and are not sufferers from an innate hatred for reading matter have already read this extract from the site I provided to help clear certain grey areas. The infra-structural contribution of Barotseland is herewith provided for all to appreciate and maybe only with humility may finally understand what makes us Barotseland, so proud and yet peaceful and humble in outlook but grossly misunderstood. This with the help of systems hell bent on making people completely ignorant of my people’s culture and history, clearly there is a conspiracy somewhere!

I humbly refer ALL to the International Court of Justice at The Hague and see the Status of Barotseland contrary to what one wants to believe.

Below is an extract from the earlier website I referred the distinguished readership to. It is referring to Great Barotseland therefore, I would most graciously appreciate a feedback on whether the matter of what Barotseland is, where is it situated, what is it now, how come it does not appear in the atlas e.t.c has been duly clarified. As will be seen below before most folks in zambia even knew what reading and writing meant, Barotseland was signing Bilateral Agreements between itself and other Nations, world powers, we were signing Contracts for huge capital projects such as rail lines and roads in the length and breadth of our Great Nation of Barotseland which still exists today for anyone to see just in case some thought these pieces of Infrastructure may have merely materialized in Star Trek fashion. Sorry, these structures have a rich Barotse History, our history, my story. Once this has been told maybe you will not mismanage the railway system the way it has been. We are about to tour the full length of this great infra structure. Please read below ……

Under the Chartered Company's rule considerable progress has been made in the development of the resources of the country i.e. (Barotseland), italics added), especially in opening up the mining districts in the north. The seat of the administration, Kalomo, is on the "Cape to Cairo" railway, about midway between the Zambezi and Kafue rivers. The railway reached the Broken Hill copper mines, 110 m. N. of the Kafue in 1906, and the Belgian Congo frontier in 1910. From Lobito Bay in Portuguese West Africa a railway was being built in 1909 which would connect with the main line near the Congo frontier. This would not only supply Barotseland with a route to the sea alternative to the Beira and Cape Town lines, but while reducing the land route by many hundred miles would also supply a seaport outlet 1700 m. nearer England than Cape Town and thus create a new and more rapid mail route to southern Rhodesia and the Transvaal. The Zambezi also, with Kebrabasa as its one bar to navigation between Barotseland and the sea, will supply a cheap line of communication. (See RHODESIA .) See David Livingstone, Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa (London, 1857); Major Serpa Pinto, How I crossed Africa (London, 1881); F. Coillard, On the Threshold of Central Africa (London, 1897); Major A. St H. Gibbons, Exploration and Hunting in Central Africa (London, 1898), Africa South to North through Marotseland (London, 1904); "Journeys in Marotseland," Geographical Journal, 1897; "Travels in the Upper Zambezi Basin," Geographical Journal, 1901; A. Bertrand, Aux pays des Barotse, haut Zambeze (Paris, 1898); Col. Colin Harding, In Remotest Barotseland (London, 1905); C. W. Mackintosh, Coillard of the Zambesi (London, 1907), with a bibliography; L. Decle, Three Years in Savage Africa (London, 1898). Consult also the annual reports of the British South Africa Company, published in London. (A. ST H. G.)

NOTA BENE: If it should still be debatable, which would be rather unfortunate, the dates and country quoted and being talked about above, is Barotseland, our Proud Nation and Homeland Forever! We had not given birth to zambia yet (24th October 1964) by signing Barotseland Agreement 1964, which sadly they continue to abrogate and treat as trivial and petty. We will not be bulldozed into a future so hazy and beleaguered with leadership myopia such as this. My innards churn with repugnant disgust at what we have almost become part of. I grieve for the future of Barotseland ’s progenies, may posterity judge us harshly for what we have done to our Nation.

May the TRUTH be defended always for, “Truth crushed to Earth shall rise again from the Root for the Eternal years of God are hers, but error wounded writhes in pain and dies among its worshipers.”

Kozo Sha,
Namakando Nalikando Sinyama
Barotse Patriot
Barotseland, Central Africa

“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under a slavish bond.” – Sir William Wallace’s Uncle

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