Friday, February 19, 2010



By Namakando Nalikando Sinyama

The assassination of the Hamas leader in Dubai echoes to the fullest extent possible the implication of that all too familiar Latin maxim 'Jus ad bellum'. These are the many events that have historically been credited with having sparked off some of the deadliest conflicts the world has ever seen. The party that feels its national sovereignty has been injured by a particular incident resorts to what it considers justified military action as a means of winning their honor back. As to whether this is the best way of resolving conflicts by the Homo sapien species (which is Latin translated to mean, ‘Thinking Man’) is not the point of this piece of writing. If human beings, self-acclaimed to be the most superior form of life in the entire universe decide to reach the end of their thinking processes or choose not to think at all and pick up arms to slaughter each other it is not my concern just now. "War is a product of the cruelty and selfishness of man. If all of us used the goodwill endowed in us by God for the benefit of our fellowmen, the effort and wealth expended on military training and armament would have been unnecessary. There is no doubt that the wealth wasted in the destruction of humans could, if properly utilized, have contributed enormously towards the welfare of men and the world-wide advancement of civilization." - His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellasie I

Through out history it has been discovered that for some convenient reasons these events have tended to be ‘staged’ or orchestrated by other parties who may not be active participants in the resultant skirmish but have vested interest in the outcome. They do this so that other nations can go to war on their behalf. It is these events that have created the justification, primer or conducive environment for the wars to break out. They portend a moral premise for destroying your previously perceived enemies even through a disproportionate display of force if need be. An historical example I may give is the Bahia de cocinos that is the infamous,
'Bay of Pigs' incident. What most do not know or realise is that there was also a botched attempt of plotting to blow up a plane load of supposed western college kids above the Atlantic so that the blame could rest on a perceived stubborn island state. The result would have been.....War!

The heartless, inconsiderate and mischievous use of other nation’s passports by those assassins however, is a dangerous ploy that was clearly meant to seriously endanger the nationals of the countries whose travel documents were dubiously used to stage a daring coldblooded murder of a member of a political group in a foreign land. The direct superficial consequence may have merely been to strain the relations between those countries and this group. What we do know though is that it would have had far reaching military ramifications and this by my humble reckoning is exactly what was planned. The huge portion of blame would have been heaped on the Dubai administration by Hamas for having seemingly collaborated and actively facilitated the hit.

Hamas, after being so aggrieved would have sought to retaliate against the nations and these nations would have banded together to annihilate Hamas and further isolate them. As a consequence of this, possibly dragging Hezbollah into a spiral of an endless war. Such an eventuality it must be appreciated would eventually bring in the now almost nuclear Iran! Why do they (Iran) not hurry their nuclear program in pursuit of The Bomb because we want them to offer a stabilizing effect in the Middle East and keep rogue nations in their place? This should consequently make these belligerent states re-think any funny ideas of attacking the revolutionary guard. Am i being too melodramatic? I do not know, it is just that the thought of how they had Saddam hang after a very suspicious and 'smartly' executed 9/11 attack on America is too clear for even the unschooled to see their machinations. There is a glaring question that the world evidently or rather conveniently chose to ignore, which is, what was the link between 9/11 attacks and The Iraqi regime(false claims of WMDs aside)?

This stability would happen as a direct result of the positively polarizing effect of M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) especially as it existed during the cold war era between the US and USSR. What occurred then was that we saw relative peace on the planet because either party was reluctant to wage war against the other because they were equally capable of dissipating their opponents with the use of nukes. The globally spread interests of these super powers were secured thus. Kindly contrast this with what is happening now that there is only one super power having unchecked cart-blanche to do as they please, bulldozing smaller nations into submission and murdering their heads of state even shoving demon(cracy) down these people’s consciences.

What baffles me is the utter imprudence and total lack of obvious tact in the whole assassination plot. Hamas in my mind does not have any clear belligerence against those nations they were trying to implicate. Hamas has only aided in one way or the other the mujahedeens and other members of the ummar ably fighting any occupationist forces oppressing Muslims where ever they may be but nothing directly antagonistic towards these nations.

Even when they managed to eliminate their target, the full result was not and should not be realized. I hereby call upon all nations that have hitherto been blinded and chose to look away and render unquestionable support to them to reconsider their stance. This incident should be investigated further and when the truth is finally known by people of the peace loving world they should be isolated and no more of their country's tax payers money should be spent on supporting them. Granted, that they wanted him for some previous murders of their people but wittingly, in a very vile way dragging other nations into their activities is very evil and personally am not surprised because i know better. The practical precept of applied ethics is you can never kill your way to peace! The citizens of this state perpetrating these acts should bring their misleaders to account for committing heinous crimes against the state and recklessly jeopardizing their existence where ever they find themselves in the world. I honestly do think it is about time humanity evoked the massive power of ordinary citizens in deciding the course world politics. Am here not referring to the sham of an inquiry recently held in the UK over the IRAQ War and Britain’s involvement. Why waste task payer’s money on a toothless exercise? Who exactly were they trying to impress by staging that show of hypocritical rectitude?

It is my solemn wish that they eventually learn the wisdom in the principle of ‘Cause and Effect’. The world will reach a point soon where they will give up on the Middle East and this will ultimately unleash the fury of Armageddon due to a few selfish nations that are childish and afflicted with a severe case of psychiatric and socio-pathic attention seeking syndrome.

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